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  1. Hi, Does anybody want to buy a 4 spoke steering wheel with cruise control? I bought it a while ago and never got round to installing it before I sold my focus.
  2. Focus Mk2 Wheel Bearing

    Thanks for the info. For around £80 I could buy a 6 ton press myself but it depends what ton is needed. Do you know if 6ton will do it or will I need a 12ton?
  3. One of my front wheel bearings is starting to go on my mk2 focus so I was wondering how hard they are to change. Has anyone changed one before? I’ve been trying to source a bearing but all I can find is the full hub kit, I’m guessing that I’ll have to replace the entire hub. Do the hubs need a press to be taken out and put back in? And should I replace both sides or just the broken one? Thanks
  4. I activated it in the HEC and GEM sections in ELMconfig but couldn't get it to work. I'm based in the Leeds area
  5. I've got a focus with GEM code ending in BH and bought the 4 spoke cruise control steering wheel a couple of months back but couldn't get it working. My car was detecting the buttons being pressed but the cruise control wouldn't activate. I'm guessing I'll need ford etis to programme it, does anyone know anywhere in Yorkshire where I can get it done? Or does anyone on here have a copy who could activate it for me? I'll be willing to compensate for time and effort.
  6. I've just tried this on my 2006 focus zetec with GEM code ending in BH and it didnt work. I connected the steering wheel and using the beep test where you hold down heated rear windscreen button while turing ignition on and the cruise control buttons worked. I then enabled "cruise control configuration" using ELMconfig in the HEC and GEM but no luck. Have I missed anything out? For people who have got it to work when you turn the ignition on does the cruise control light come on? If it does, an easy way to test to see if your car supports it could be to try enabling it using ELMconfig and if it illuminates your car supports it. The connectors are the same just with a couple of extra wires. I would have taken a pic but I've just put the airbag back on. If you want you could connect the controls into the wires under the steering column
  7. Thanks for the replies, I might take a walk down to my local garage and ask them. I'm actually thinking about doing that, complete turbo back, with egr delete and a performance remap but I can't do anything for a few months when my insurance is up as my current insurer doesn't do mods. Does anybody know anywhere that does exhausts for mk2 1.6 tdci focus, TRW sell one but I'll get stung on currency conversion and postage. And are the any recommendations for garages to do the remap? I've heard rs tuning in Leeds are good?
  8. Hi I've been looking into getting the dpf removed and it mapped out, leaving the original case in place so it's looks stock. Has anyone had any experience with this? Some people are saying its an mot failed to remove but from what I've been reading from vosa only petrols need a full emissions test, diesel only have a smoke test. So I've been thinking I could just put a straight downpipe in, removing the cat and dpf. Before I do this does anybody know if it would it be an mot failure? Thanks
  9. I have a focus 1.6 TDCI 2006 (97k miles) which has been lacking power and stalling when I go to set off, no lights are coming up on the dash but I’m getting the following codes.: P1402 – Exhaust Gas Recirculation Metering Orifice Restricted P0299 – Turbocharger A Underboost Condition P193B – Throttle/Pedal Signal P1936 – Clutch Switch/Sensor Signal I’ve taken the EGR valve off but it wasn’t clogged, just had a thin coating of soot on it. The 1st 2 codes keep coming up after I clear them, the last 2 have only come up this once. Does anyone know what could be causing this and advice on fixing it? Thanks
  10. Hi. I've been folowing this topic for a while now and have managed to activate a few things like instant mpg, windows heating auto switch on and auto-door locking, I cant get global window close/open to work but that could be beacuse I have the mk2 3 door model. I've noticed that the programs show transponder serial numbers that are programmed in, is there a way to find out the serial number using the obd2 connection for non-paired keys? I'm trying to program a new key to my car, I've got the central locking to work but cant get the PATS to turn off
  11. Hi, I've just put my reg into ETIS and it says 7S125 - DPF REGENERATION STRATEGY in the Outstanding Field Service Actions bit. I've had the car for nearly 2 years now and havent had a problem with it apart from I had to have the DPF fluid refilled around 75k miles, its a 2006 focus zetec 1.6 TDCI with 95k miles on it now. Does anybody know what it means? Thanks
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums mcp :)