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  1. Me too........... glad i spotted this!!!!
  2. focus starting problem

    Are you turning the key immediately to the start position (3) or are you letting the key pause at position 2 (ignition) for 1-2 seconds before firing? If you give the fuel a chance to pressurise (especially when cold) you'll give the engine a better start and it shouldn't kick out. Failing that, the component at fault could be.... Fuel filter Fuel pump Spark plugs Idle Speed Control Valve There are other probable causes but I would start with the fuel filter, it's the quickest and cheapest one to eliminate. Then spark plugs, then ISCV.
  3. **Newbie**

    Hi everyone, Got a brand new Fiesta Zetec Blue (MK6 Special Edition I think). Brilliant little car, really impressed so far. I hope to be comparing ideas and help/advice if I need it, or indeed if I can be of any help to you, just ask. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2009, by the way! Some pics of my new toy.... PaddyC