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  1. Steering tab is back. I had to uncheck the shift up box. I checked the Eco mode, is working okay. I checked the Eco shift up....green arrow light up when ignition goes on, but no shift light when going into revs. Anyone have an idea?
  2. Speedometer Change

    @gbone, did you succeed with the second hand speedomter? if yes, how?
  3. I updated the rom on my cluster. Shift up light, on test mode is only green. So i gues i only have the Eco shift up? Eco mode is on now, bu ti didn''t checked the eco shift up box. But....i have lost the steering tab in my menu. I could choose between Comfort, Normal and Sport. help...which box do i have to check on again?
  4. Not only that, It is possible to change the milage in the speedometer. Butg only more miles, not less.
  5. Preee, do you know if it's possible to programm the immobilizer into the speedometer cluster when there is a new one installed?
  6. I try to explain. There are 2 rows with 3 pins. 1 row with 3 pins use for all + wires. (doesn't matter which row) the other row (also 3 pins) use for all - wires. In the middle from the + row you solder the plus from the ELM board, which was soldered on pin 6 In the middle from the - row you solder the minus from the ELM board which was soldered on pin 14 On the + row you do on the first pin a wire to connector pin 6 (this is + for the HS) On the + row you do on the thirth pin a wire to connector pin 3 (this is + for the MS) On the - row , first pin (near the pin which is soldered on 6) you do a wire to connector pin 14 (this is the - from HS) On the - row , thirth pin (near the pin which is soldered on 3) you do a wire to connector pin 11 (this is the - from MS)
  7. You need 2 port switch. So with six positions to solder the wires. Something like this. http://www.soselectronic.com/?str=371&artnum=46624
  8. I want to change my speedometer cluster. Normally this only can be done with programming on the IDS. Is it possible now with ELMconfig to get this working? How about the immobilizer?
  9. can you be more specific please, i did check the HEC but couldn't find something overthere what was something like DDS. Or do you mean i have to thick box... EPB (level 1) / DDS (Level 2/3) in HEC -> config ->page 1
  10. How did you get DDS on? BCM -> DDS put it on there? Nothing else? Did you see this option (after you have done this) on your dashdisplay? I did put the DDS option on, but nothing appears on my dash display. I did manage the locks and eco mode. But DDS failed. :-(
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums frs300 :)