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  1. Clutch Squeal

    Had the belt changed about 2 months ago. Had a mechanic listen to the noise today, wasn't sure what it was but mentioned the release bearing... Will check this out! :)
  2. Clutch Squeal

    :( How long would the current one last? Wouldn't damage anything else being like this would it?
  3. Clutch Squeal

    I did think the drive belt at first but that's fine. The noise has got worse, it only used to do it on hills but now its everytime I move off. Tonight, I noticed a slight vibration on the clutch pedal when going from halfway to fully down plus if I move my gearstick left or right when in neutral i can feel a vibration through my hand :( Think i need a new clutch?
  4. Clutch Squeal

    Focus 1.8 TDCi 2009 36k Miles When I release the clutch in 1st gear to set off I get a really strange squeal noise coming from god knows where, sometimes its longer, sometimes its a quiet squeal. Noticed its a lot louder when doing a hill start. All the other gears are fine Only other problem I have with the gears is that there really stiff on cold mornings, but think that's a cold/warm gearbox oil issue... If it helps... This has only started since I hit a pothole, it was a large one which damaged my wheel/tyre but this might not be anything to do with it. Any help would be great! Thanks...
  5. Clutch Pedal?

    Just purchased a 55 plate focus (mk2) with 105k miles & would like to know if theres a fix for this... When I let go of the clutch, its comes up but not right up, I can put my foot under the pedal and lift it a couple inches and then it drops back down a couple inches when i remove my foot. Would the ford springkit sort this out? or would i need a new clutch? Any help would be great!
  6. Which One?

    I'm not sure which one to go for! Thinking MPG alone. 2010 1.6 TDi Zetec S (Old shape) Urban: 50.4mpg 2011 1.6 Zetec Petrol (New shape) Urban: 35.3mpg I do town miles, prob go on the motorway once a week, but I'm a fast driver (rarely do 30-40) I have a 2009 1.8 TDi Titanium now... Urban is 42.0mpg but I get 29.9mpg so I know what it says isn't correct anyway Any help would be great! People who have the above? Tell us how you drive and what mpg it states? Thanks ;)
  7. Focus Mk2 Milage

    "Catch" is spot on. Mine has 29.8Mpg - 352 Miles in full tank. ;)
  8. Interior Part Has Over Spray Of Black Paint???

    It'll be 'black carpet dye' ;) Use some 'thinners' to get it off...
  9. Seat Belt Warring

    Instructions don't work for me. When on position II, the seat belt symbol isn't there so i cant wait for it to go off before i start the instructions. 2009 Model, any ideas?
  10. Can You Beat My Mileage??

    Will be genuine. I work in the motor trade... Seen quite a few of 10+ year old cars with less than 15k miles & they do drive great (strange to drive because you know its 10 years old but no rattles an perfect clutch etc) :) Lowest Ive seen is a V reg Honda with 2800 miles on it... Bodywork wasn't the best though
  11. Tdci Shudder & Window Rattle

    Bump! Window rattle booked in with Ford tomorrow under 30 day warranty... I'll wait for the phone call saying "There's no rattle"
  12. Tdci Shudder & Window Rattle

    That could be good! Means it can be sorted :) Gonna get some of this! Looked up on it, sounds good. Think it would happen all the time if it was this?
  13. Tdci Shudder & Window Rattle

    Hi, New here... Picked up my 3DR 2009 Focus Titanium 1.8 TDCi (25k Miles), 2 weeks ago. Just have a few questions. Tonight, I noticed a shudder when I was accelerating in 2nd & 3rd gear so stopped and revved and there is a shudder. Engine was started 5 minutes earlier so maybe because its cold? Not noticed this in the 2 weeks I've had it (500 miles) Next, Is the windows!! Think its because of the 3dr (Bigger doors/windows), but my windows rattle once opened on every bump! Does anybody's 3dr do this? Think that's it for now! Love the car, gone from a 2011 Polo 3 cylinder to this tank Thanks!!
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums TitaniumTom :)