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  1. Hi, Thanks for the bug report, i'll check it out and see whats wrong. Psyence
  2. You can download the software from http://www.psyence.co.uk/FDS.zip Please be aware that this is still an early release, and it may not be 100% bug free. Please post suggestions, problems etc Thnx
  3. Hi James, Sorry but the current version of the software only supports the Focus Mk 2 & its variants (C-max etc). Once the software matures i may try to add more functionality. I believe that the configuration parameters for the Fiesta are stored differently from the Focus, so it is not a small undertaking to understand where in memory the different settings are stored. The DTC (fault code) side of my software may work, but i haven't tested it on any other car yet.
  4. Hi Jarp, To get started the first thing i recommend is reading up on the ELM327 device spec and the OBD / CAN communication specs. Once you understand how to get the basic communication functioning, i'll be able to answer more questions.
  5. I'm still hoping to get the first version out today, but my daughter has been ill all day so my coding / testing time has been very limited. As this is the first verion, i only want to release the software to a few people, no more than 5 or 6. If you are interested in Beta testing and understand that the software is likely to contain bugs and if your interested in helping to make the software better please send me a PM with your email address.
  6. Not yet, im still pulling together the base software functions. The first release will contain HEC, GEMs & DTC modes only.. As this will be a beta release im hoping that people will feedback their thoughts / commenst and any bugs that might be found. I will then look to add other modules in Beta 0.2
  7. The DTC will work fine, i dont know about the GEM & HEC as i dont have a Mk 1 to confirm the settings. Does Civil-zz's ELMconfig software work for you ?
  8. I know i have been quiet since my last post, but i wanted to let you know that i'm still working towards a first beta release this weekend. Here is another little teaser (with one of the requested features)
  9. I have a little more testing to do, but all things being well i post the first version at the weekend. I was already planning to receive & decode the DTC's so im glad to hear that is a useful feature for other people. Please keep any further ideas coming, and i'll see what is possible to implement.
  10. A bit of a teaser, the first beta of my ELM / OBD software is functioning. So far it has full access to HEC & GEMs, it will automatically read the VIN number and download the As Built Data for the car. I'll be expanding the module options in the near future.. If you have any suggestions for additional features please let me know and i'll see what i can include in the software.
  11. Hi Civil-zz Sounds good, please see my the PM i sent you.
  12. This is one of my major motivations.... I know what changes are needed to the as-built to enable cruise control... just working on the upload... This may not be possible with the ELM327 as it doesnt support pass through mode... I will post regular updates on how things are progressing.
  13. Hi, Just to let you know i am writing my own software... and will post updates as things progress... I have already established communication to the car, and the software will automatically access your as-built data from Ford. In due course i'll be looking for beta testers...
  14. Hi Preee, Thanks .... I have been reading up more in to this topic, and over in the Fiesta forums they have been enabling Cruise control simply by altering the AS-BUILT Data and uploading it to the PCM, IC & Gems module. (Very similar to using the ELM-FF2 or ELMConfig software except that they can only talk to GEM & IC). Does anybody know how to reload the AS-BUILT data using the Ford IDS system ? Thanks Psyence.
  15. Hi Preee Thanks for answering my post. I already own an ELM327 and have now tried the unoffical (FF2 / ELMConfig) methods as well as the offical approach via a Ford garage. In both cases the cruise control wouldnt work, and i do believe that the problem probably lies with the PCM. What im trying to establish is; are the electronics is the PCM always the same ? does the module have a "personality" which is configured by software. If so the i hope i can simply get the PCM software altered. What the Ford garage told me was, for other cars when the have enabled the cruise Control option, they simply activated it in the GEMS, HEC and in the PCM. However on my car it wasnt showing up as an option to be enabled on the PCM. And it is this that is making me think that there must be a personality descriptor that tells the Ford IDS system what the PCM is capable of. If you have any more thoughts or ideas please let me know....