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  1. Happy Birthday Metal_Dano!

  2. Metal_Dano

    Fiesta Zetec S Tdci High Mileage Help!

    congrats, hope you enjoy your new car when Wednesday finally comes round!! dont hold your breath or anything, ha! great cars and you can easily play your ipod through the usb connection. enjoy
  3. Metal_Dano

    Fiesta Mk7 Wind Deflectors

    hi all..... have just ordered some of these myself through the fordpartsuk website, then you know its the proper climair ones. all with delivery was like £43 i think, maybe bit more but if you cant be harrised to go to dealer then seems easy enough to me and not through dodgy ebay! also got ones for 5 door, and the transparent ones are on the next page
  4. Metal_Dano

    Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    small addition to the post, recently got my fiesta metal, loving it so far! covered only 640 miles in 13 days! so far im being a bit careful and not over revving etc but am happy with my 35mpg figure and this is slowly climbing up and up. very happy with it so far and does handle incredible!!
  5. Metal_Dano

    The Mk7 Fiesta Service Costs Thread

    taking a bit of interest in this subject as im due to pick up my new fiesta metal in about 10 days, cant wait! servicing doesnt seem too expensive either so happy days!
  6. Metal_Dano

    Fiesta Metal Motorway Driving

    I also have a metal on order, but hopefully wont be doing too much motorway trips. I agree, maybe they should have a 6 gear version but then maybe this is too much for a small 1.6 car! anyway, lets get on the lanes ;-)
  7. Hello all, Just thought id do the obligatory new owner blog! Got a new Fiesta Metal on order which should be with me 1st week in may so cant wait for that. Its not the most powerful or quickest car ive owned but as motoring prices rise I thought well, its got good reviews and looks smart so yeah, go for it, seeing as I recently sold my house (long boring story with an ex), so I treated myself! Ordered a Black one, with the Sony DAB and bluetooth, Priv glass and the keyless entry and power start! Well I live in Thame, Oxfordshire, so if anyones around the area then give me a shout, im not exactly a massive meet person but will do the odd meet or chat to people. Have been a member on many sites generally with the cars ive previously owned but as this is my first Ford, well Hello :-)
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Metal_Dano :)