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  1. Transit connect internal length Im thinkin about buyin a transit connect and need to know the internal length of a LWB. From the doors (once closed) to the back of the seats. Swb is too small as i need it to be 65inches+ for the mrs's side buisness...things you do for women ay. Can anyone get the me measurements as i havnt got acsess to any at work at the moment. Thanks in advance
  2. Could be. I always advise the customer to have genuine filters fitted. I used to use non gen at work and i could never get the vehicle started. Change it with a genuine...no problem
  3. If theres any chips or cracj this will stop the screen from working effectivly
  4. Oil Service Measage?

    Get a service done on it. Or run the risk of damage to the engine
  5. Have you got tge 1.0 litre eco boost with the zetec s kit on it? And which hose split? The one coming off the expansion tank?. No need to try and scare you but ive saw 4 have a coolant leak on the eco boost. Lost all power an found out the it cracked a liner in the engine. Wouldnt really explain no issues when warm though
  6. Fiesta Mk6 Headlight Hid Retrofit

    Its only for time of test ;) id be suprised if you get pulled on your daily drive. If ypur at a big car meet then the police/vosa turn up, you might get some agro. But what you have done looks a propper job!
  7. Fiesta Mk6 Headlight Hid Retrofit

    As long as the beam pattern isnt affected by the condensation then no it shouldnt. It depends on the tester an its totaly down to them. Ive had one guy pass them and another fail them. So its down to them at the time of test. You will soon find out :)
  8. Fiesta Mk6 Headlight Hid Retrofit

    Yeah we do. And they are illegal. They require self leveling headlights and headlight washers due to the excessive heat. But theres a grey area with it reguardig mot. If it produces a beam a pattern and the light is the same colour then it can be passed. They have been passed at our place. But if vosa pull you over they will destroy you. Ive been up since 3am gettin cars checked over with friends and vosa have us over a barrel. I havnt heard of anyone getting pulled over for having hids. Normally they dont bother as it can be more hassle than ots worth
  9. Fiesta Mk6 Headlight Hid Retrofit

    Appriciate the info! And i work in a garage so ill just steal the beam setter for abit haha ;)
  10. Fiesta Mk6 Headlight Hid Retrofit

    Thankyou for that. Im gonna have to do this as soon as. Gettin tired of these lights jut never had the balls to put them projectors in an faff around lol
  11. Fiesta Mk6 Headlight Hid Retrofit

    Have you go the bi zenon hids as its a h1 bulb? I know the standard bulb is a h4. But you had a problem setting the beam pattern with the h4 then changed it back to h1 which was supplied?
  12. Need Help For More Power!!!

    Your probally talking easy 5k for a basic turbo set up. But your engine wont hold out for long. You will have to get forged internals then your talking another 5k+. If its a project car that you will keep then go for it. If not id sell an get a faster car
  13. Winter Tyres

    If your at standard ride height then they wont rub the arches. Person above is correct that your speedo will be diffrent due to a larger rolling circumfrence. Ive got uni royal rainsport 2 (now rainsport 3 as there not availble anymore) and ive had no problems when weve had thick snow. I wouldnt run thinner tyres as your taking 20mm off the width of the tyre an you could be more prone to the tyre popping off if you curb it (hope you dont)
  14. Michelin Or Bridgestone?

    Bridgestone turanza and pirelli p-zero are prone for wearing funny even if your suspension and tracking is on. Turanza have a step which is around 0.5-1mm higher on the outer and inner edges so they wear down alot faster. An i cant stand the p-zero tread pattern. Id stick with the mich. You got ask for the sticker info off each tyre. Noise db, rating in wet and fuel consumption
  15. Need Help For More Power!!!

    You wont get much gains from either. Some cases a "free flowing air filter" can be worse an it uses the airbox an pipes to create a whirl effect. And a remap wont add many bhps but may reduce fuel consumption. Only way to gain power is spend the money on a nasp engine