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  1. Alloys

    Hi Mike, will you be selling your steel wheels and trims?
  2. Wheels

    Thanks fellas, the wheels I'm looking at are 4 stud so should be ok then I think. And thanks for the heads up on MikeLangwines's post too! :)
  3. Wheels

    I'm looking to pick up some steel wheels to put winter tyres on. I've seen a set of 15" Focus wheels with trims for sale, anyone know if these will fit the Fiesta? Cheers, Colin.
  4. Your First Ever Car!

    First car was a Fiesta Popular E138GRF... was very basic, a world away from my current Fester
  5. Team Heko Wind Deflectors

    I didn't bother with the clips when I fitted mine, they've not budged at all.
  6. Parking Senor Problem

    good news that it's fixed. Visual check would have saved all those weeks!
  7. Team Heko Wind Deflectors

    Yeah doddle mate, they just slide into the channel. These are the ones I got...
  8. Crown Victoria

    Hi Tamas :) that's wicked!
  9. Queries On A Few Upgrades/replacements...

    I got my mats from http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Allen-Ford-Shop £26.94 inc delivery
  10. Team Heko Wind Deflectors

    Made a little addition this morning... Didn't read the ad properly and assumed that because the picture had the front and rears that was what I had ordered, actually think it looks better with just the front ones though :)
  11. Newbie

    Hi Danny :)
  12. Hello All...

    Hello Katie, hello Andrew :D
  13. Disable Esp On 5Dr Zetec 1.6 Tdci

    Hi, I've never had a car with ESP before, can I ask what does it do, and what's the advantage to being able to turn it off? Also does anyone have an estimate as to how much Ford would charge to fit it? Only had the car 2 weeks and don't want to risk breaking bits off...
  14. Insurers And Mobile Phone Users

    Interesting. I too agree, bluetooth earpieces are available very cheaply, and there's really no excuse for texting whilst driving.
  15. Newbie

    hi :)