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  1. PS3 or Xbox?

    Xbox all day long, I have both Xbox and PS3, Xbox has better online gaming than playstation and more secure, the controller on Xbox is more comfortable and better layout, even down to the menus its sooo much clearer than PS3, i still have a brand new game unopened on the PS3, i play Xbox (Forza 4 & BF3), as for red rings of death, never had them? Just make sure the unit has My PS3 sits there doing nothing , the only time i may use it is when DUST comes out from CCP as i play EVE Online too. Its your choice and everyone will say this or that and have a preference, if you have friends who have one or the other try before you buy, Best of luck
  2. 2011 Fiesta Econetic Remapping

    Hello, it reads 25, i will add, i bought this as a ford direct, it was a 6 months old with 5k on the clock and is now 5912k so i have only done nearly a 1000miles and going by what the dearler driver has driven by, As its a diesel to its still a tight engine and dieseks arnt fully losened until 80k so im hoping that the more miles i do the better it will be, i will look more at remapping it and decide later as i dont want to invalidate the warranty as i still have 2 1/2 years left, thanks for all your efforts, shame that the fuel figurs are not an average and given as that, very misleading indeed!
  3. 2011 Fiesta Econetic Remapping

    Thanks thats a good indication and i got 59.1 on that test, so basically i was lied to by Fords when i was told 76 mpg? these idiots should be telling the people who buy there cars the truth that your not going to get 76 mpg but less than 60 mpg and yes, i am very !Removed! off that i was lied to, i dont do it and dont expect to be told by a big corporation "FORDS" either, i spent a lot of my cash only to be told im wont ever achieve the magical 76, we who buy there cars keep them in business, if we all walked then goodbye Fords.... That just sums it up for me, peoople cross me once and i never go back.. So, would a remap be in order to help het the elusive 76, i still have 2+ years warranty, has anyone here had one done or know of someone? Thanks for your replies
  4. 2011 Fiesta Econetic Remapping

    Hello Graham, the car seems to have a "flat spot" and the accelerator seems to run on after you take your foot off, the car isnt a year old its actually 8 months old, the MPG i quoted was when i unfilled filled from the last time i filled up, i did another "fuel test" and getting only a mere 57, Fords say 76 and its just lies really, i drive by the light coming on and change gear i also go by the instant mpg too and i cant get it nowhere near what Fords boffins say, total lies if you ask me, hence why i was asking about the remap, I do equal urban and steady runs. The new Ford Eco 2012 says it does 86mpg, i take it thats another lie too
  5. Hello all Im wondering if anyone here has had a remap on there Fiesta Eco yet? if so, what do you think and is it worth the £400, i must add my car is doing around 60-65 mpg and only done 5700 miles, i havent had the first service either as its due in August. Daf
  6. Hello to all, just joined up, been looking here for a little while, i just purchased a Ford Fiesta EcoNetic after selling my BMW 335d, i must say, i really do love this car and its my first ford for 30 years when i had my 3ltr GXL Capri's and Anglia's & cortina 1600E :o I have a classic car a VW Beetle thats called "Custard" i did have a 300hp turbo air cooled engine in it but was so fast i went bold B) , now i have a 160BHP twin webbers .40 carb and im rstoring for the 5th and final time, i do on line gaming to Eve Online & going back to Planetside when the new Planetside2 comes out, played EVE since 2003, im rabbiting on now so, i hope i can help with questions and some answers in the future.... See you on the forums soon Daf :)
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Daf :)