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  1. Area of the country - South East County - Kent (subcounty where applicable) - Thanet Town name - Margate Business Type - Dealership Business Name - Invicta motors Contact Details - Why do you like them - Darren is a honest non-pushy sales man, listens to what you want and how much and does his best to find it he has been in the game a few years and not a spotty kid looking for a quick sale. saved me over £100 a month going from a 1.0 tit Bmax 14 plate to a focus tit nav 64 plate! i have recommend 3 other people to him and they are very happy with the service they got!
  2. thank you for all your posts, im not to worried about emissions TBH i work on diesel genorators/engines with up to 4000 HP (2983kw) so what my car pumps out in its life time will not be as much as one of those bad boys on a full chat 8 hour load run lol
  3. To be honest i only really pop to work now so only a 10 mile drive each way in the week days mainly country roads and then at weekend to the shops or out with the kids to so i would say a petrol is the one for me as i only do a long run (150 to 200 miles) once or twice a month now. and total a average for 700 to 900 miles a month in general If i drive like a daisy to work i will get mid 40s but normally settle around 37-38 on the average tank Thinking the petrol would leave me grinning more each morning as the diesel would just not be right for my trips i do. I will try and get a test drive of both and see what i like
  4. Bit hash there mate! I was just enquiring of what the real life values are for MPG. I was running around a a loan 1.6 auto that was getting 20 to 25 mpg at best lol cheers for you advise tho will look in to carwow.
  5. So guys what's everyone got? Im looking at a ST focus (would love the RS but not got the funds I did price up new the other day at it was cheaper by a few £ to own a RS over a ST3 with some options over 2 years!) those that have the diesel do you wish you had the petrol? What's you average daily MPG with a bit of right foot and normal driving Anyone gone from the 1.0 125 focus to a ST? My last tank full got me 380 miles with one motorway trip (160 miles) in the rest was town driving so around the 40 mpg. sometimes it drops to 330 a tank so around 34 mpg I'm looking for a 2nd hand one ( year or so old if i can find one) so what are the common things to look out for? Also looking for car cams what have you got attached to your focus?
  6. Now i want one even more!!
  7. Do you have any more information on this? or has anyone created a guide with a list of parts?
  8. Hi all, Im after some information on a new head unit for my stepdads Mondeo, he has ones of those Chinese all in one jobs but is not happy with it, slow DAB drops out all the time etc (i cant tell which one it is, it was already fitted when he got the car.) He has a Mk4 i think its a 60 plate titanium x model, it used to have the Hi level CD+AM/FM+DAB unit fitted according to Etis with BT/VC phone interface and usb too He is still after all the toys so sat nav, DAB and blue tooth but would like to move away from the Chinese rubbish. What have you all got, what's the best out there we are looking to spend around £400, Could he put a standard sony unit back in to the car and just buy a sat nav or do you recommend a unit like the Pioneer AVH-X3600DAB can you like sat nav off phone or is the pioneer AVIC-F970DAB with built in sat nav worth the extra money? Cheers all would love some quick answers on this as Xmas is fast approaching.
  9. Well its been a while but im back and with a new car, well new for me. Got a lovely mk3 focus in white the 1 litre ecoboost with 125 little ponys in a Titanium Navigator spec, 64 plate and 13000 miles on the clock Now i used to play around with the old eml and software on the old MK2.5s and seen the Foccus software for the newer focus whats the best free mods that can be done with this? bare in mind i have global closing tyre delflation system etc. Love the car but im very tempted to get the bluefin remap :) can people recommend it? what other little bits have people done?
  10. This is just for the DVD head unit to know if the hand break has been applied and will allow the dvd screen to come on. Im sure this is just looking for a gound and you can connected it to most metal frames around the radio and it will allow the screen to work all the time so you passangers can watch tv while you drive
  11. Mine is 36 months started in april they offered me 11500 for the car and there is 13800 left to pay. He was givin me the best price he could (i have brought 4 new cars in 4 yeard off him my sister has had 2 so he looks after family well) the local dealer offered my 9500 to 10000 for the car lol i will try in 6 months when there are more offers on i really want to get back in a focus.
  12. Yer thats what i was expecting, i needed a bigger car for our supprise little one lol and just had no deposit at the time and the little fez was just not big enough for all the baby bits plus a 4 year olds bits lol
  13. Im based in margate and looking to get some light smoked tints ( same as the ford prievicy glass) on my bmax to help protect the kids in the the summer, I currenly have the car shades that are ment to fit the the windows but they just look messy Where can anyone recommend a good serivce for getting there windows tinted the car is only a year old so want it done nicely and car treated with respect
  14. U have got one good deal as i just checked mine for trading in today and im 3k in negative equatity i payed 0 deposit and payin 350 a month for thr car!
  15. Morning Guys, Been a long time from when i was on here last... I currently have a year old ford bmax 1.0 ecoboost 125 titanium and im looking to chop it in for a few year old focus. ( house saving need to be boosted) i have been looking for cars around the 10k mark and i am stuck for what engine to go for. Both are titaniums both have around 30-40k miles on, I do around 1000 miles per month and once a week complete a 100 mile round trip on motorways to uni. i have had the 1 litre eco boost in the fiesta and bmax and i have had the 1.6tdci in the mk2.5 focus. what are people really getting mpg wise in both? i would say i average 40mpg in the ecoboost and im sure the tdci was about 45 ( its been 3 years from whan i had one) with the DPF is there anything i should be looking at with a 2 or 3 year old car? any common faults on the early mk3's to look for? Cheers in advanced