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  1. I was back at Hartwell Ford in Banbury with my husband's car this week. I told the staff about the "eye-pud" situation. No one there had ever tried the "external device -- iPod" command combination so couldn't comment. Janet
  2. Your Fiesta

    Thanks, Tato...and I love the mods to your Fiesta! It's gorgeous!!! Janet
  3. Your Fiesta

    I've posted this photo elsewhere...but it's my favorite photo, so far, of my new 2012 Fiesta Titanium: So far, I love this car! It has a whopping 155 miles on the odometer after a week! ;-) Janet
  4. Really enjoying these responses, everybody! I'll dig into the manual and see if I can find anything about vocal recognition programming! Janet
  5. Paul, I noticed the same thing over the weekend. Most of the voice commands could be understood over road noise, but I had to repeat "external device" several time before "she" understood me. Janet
  6. Just curious if anybody else has noticed a quirk that my husband and I have noticed with our Fiestas. Each of us got 2012 Fiesta Titaniums within a month of each other. He got his first; I loved his car so much that I traded in my 9-year-old Audi S3 a year before I'd planned, and I got a Fiesta Titanium as well. We've been learning the voice commands for the Sony system. Now, I should add that I'm American by birth, while my husband is English. I couldn't get my car's system to recognize it when I said "iPod". I tried saying it fast, slow, as EYE-Pod, as eye-POD, and as EYEPOD. Nothing. So I figured it was my accent. When my husband got home from work, I asked him to try saying "IPod" in my car. The system couldn't understand HIM either, so it wasn't an accent issue. After a lot of fiddling, he discovered that we have to pronounce the term as more like "eye-pud" to get the system to positively respond. We got into his Fiesta, and the situation was exactly the same...so it wasn't just a quirk of my car! So I'm just curious if anybody else has noticed this. It causes great amusement with my passengers when I say "eye-pud" to my car, and the female voice responds with "eye-pod"! Janet
  7. Show Us Your Rear...

    Everybody, This will be my first attempt at posting a photo. I can't resist this thread, as I think the rear view is the best angle on my new Fiesta...in Dark Micastone: Janet
  8. Hello From Oxfordshire

    Everybody, I took some photos of my new Fiesta yesterday. I'll go through the instructions for posting photos here and see what I can do about getting a few of them up online. Janet
  9. Hello Anthony! I'm new to the forum, too. Our situation is similar to yours. My husband traded his 2002 Focus Zetec for a new Fiesta Titanium. My trade was a little more severe...I traded a 2003 Audi S3 for a new Fiesta Titanium. It was a tough decision, as I've been an Audi girl over the last 14 years! It's just the two of us -- no kids. And I've recently retired. So we thought it was time for cutting our automobile running costs, especially as petrol is so expensive in the UK (and my Audi needed high-octane unleaded too!). So I'll be happy to compare notes with you. Janet
  10. Hello From Oxfordshire

    Thanks to all who have welcomed me! Janet
  11. Hello to everybody here! I have just joined the Ford Owners Club, as I'm the proud owner of a new 2012 Fiesta Titanium (1.6 petrol, manual, 5-door, color: Dark Micastone). This is my first Ford in a long time...I owned a Ford Capri V-6 back in 1973. In the US, where I was living at the time, the Capri was marketed and sold via Lincoln-Mercury dealerships rather than as a Ford. I was delighted to find, from my car's VIN, that my "Lola" was also made in Germany. I had a great experience with my old Capri and have owned three terrific Audis in a row before switching back to Ford. I'm sure I'll be asking a few questions from time to time, and I'll post some photos of my Fiesta when I get the chance! Janet
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums JMLN :)

    1. JMLN


      Thanks so much! Just learning to post photos this morning...so far, so good!