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  1. HID Kit!

    I think once you go over 6000k you need to be carefull as they do attract attention and mot people can be fussy. 4300k ones are brightest anyway and seen them on Volvo's on standard headlights (not projectors).
  2. Fiesta Mk5 Alloys and Front Grille??

    Do not think that 17"s good for the mk5 but 16" mk6 zetec-s alloys are nice and no problems with rubbing. You can get a zetec-s grill that looks nice on these I brought myne off a mate when I had my mk5. I modified my mk5 a lot and had zetec-s bumpers etc's but think its not worth doing too much as they are quite nice standard.
  3. Suspension Difference?

    Probabily already been asked but I am looking at buying a Focus maybe I am looking at a TDCi 115bhp 2002 Zetec soon and wanted to know what is different about the suspension? I understand the Zetec is suppose to have sports suspension my dad has a zetec estate but what exactly is different shocks, springs and/or anything else? Also does this mean they will ware out quicker as im on a budget atm with running costs.