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  1. 2005 Fiesta Style

    that cant be the right price? link anyone ? around £3500 to £4200 i would say
  2. Some new bulbs fitted to my Mk7

    can you get l.e.d brake lights and indicators ? bet that would look nice but are they legal? <_<
  3. Reverse Gear

    i thought it was just a trademark of the fiestas , they always do it including mine <_<
  4. angel lights on my freedom need opinions!

    i think it looks perfectly great!
  5. ford fiesta odd noise

    thanks for the replies , guess ford is going to dent my pocket yet again in these hard times lol
  6. ford fiesta odd noise

    also forgot to mention should i get a genuine ford clutch or a standard replacment one from ebay?
  7. ford fiesta odd noise

    what parts will i need at what cost (without fitting costs) luckily a family member is able to do all the fitting and replacing
  8. My Mk6 - Neewwwwbiieee

    yes very nice picture shots :D it looks very nice but when the wheels are changed it will look even better i recon
  9. ford fiesta odd noise

    hi everyone I have a ford fiesta mk4 1999 and when I have been driving for about 50 seconds i usually move away from a junction, this is done in first gear and when i raise the clutch pedal i get a strange noise (sounds like a whirling noise ) i depress the clutch and it goes it tends to only do this in cold weather though, also for the first time last week it did the exact same thing when i changed down to 3rd gear and began lifting the clutch pedal, this happened on a motorway sliproad (going downhill) as soon as i push the pedal back in it goes. im also not sure if the noise if coming from the front of the car or all around it only does this for about 20 mins of driving and then its fine....... but could it be cold weather related as i cannot remember it happening in the summer when its warm ;) out of interest could it possibly be a buildup of brake dust on the brake drums causing some friction? or could it be something else? thanks
  10. rear windwcreen washer doesnt work fiesta MK4

    just fixed it here is what I did (if others have the same problem and are stuck) .undone the clip from the boot part .try and not loose the hose part in the roof/boot .check to see if the washer jet is blocked .clean out the dirt (i had to make a hole ) .then re-attach and it should hopefully work (if the hose does dissapear open the boot and you should see some plastic cover boxes, remove the middle one and now locate the pipe tubing near the top of the boot section, this is where the hose is, detach this and move the hose and you should see the hose through the hole that was made when the plastic cover box was moved then just move it back to the original hole on the top of the car p.s use a thin piece of wire and wrap some around the hose to guide it back to the top hole)
  11. rear windwcreen washer doesnt work fiesta MK4

    i remember reading a while back (a few months now ) that its possible the hose has come unattached inside the roof of the car, is this possible? if so how would i get access to it? thanks for the replies everyone ;)
  12. rear windwcreen washer doesnt work fiesta MK4

    hi thanks for replying as far as i can remember it has not worked since i have owned it (nearly a year now) any other ideas thanks for helping zetec521
  13. hi my rear windscreen washer does not work but i can hear a motor working also the reservoir is topped up too what could the problem be also i have a mot soon will this cause a failure as the front one still works thanks
  14. Bee sting aerials

    Hi everyone i have tried to fit two different bee sting aerials to my ford fiesta MK4 1999 but with no luck as the thread that is already on the car is a 10mm thread and the thread hole on both the aerials are 8mm and 6mm my question is : is it possible to remove the existing thread by simply unscrewing it (even though it is jammed in there) and is there a bee sting aerial with a 10mm fitting thanks hope you can help as this is my first post thanks for having this great forum happy new year