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  1. Happy Birthday paddymoylan!

  2. Swapping Zetec Stereo For A Sony One

    Mines was the standard mk7 with the 6 numbered silver radio console I bought the Sony radio screen and console and cd player but the only thing that works as u can see from the photo is the Sony console with 9 numbered buttons on it however only the 1st 6 work.
  3. Swapping Zetec Stereo For A Sony One

    Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Do you reckon its do able or should i just give up hope lol I hate the small standard screen why ford would even sell it is beyond me, so i've purchased a bluetooth module off ebay if installing this and getting it activated will this enable me to install the blue sony radio screen as it wont work at the min, if not i might just give up and settle for that after market screen i've seen and do you know of any othr items/wires i might be mising out on. Also all i need now is the wiring so I can fit the sony cd player as there is two wires in mine where as this new one has just one and even the fm connector seems different (think it might have to do with DAB ?) but i don't even know where I would get the wiring looms or even the part no. Update: here is what i have at the minute, i've just red online that the small standard screen can not be interchanged for the larger one so don't think im gonna have any luck but i suppose thats what happens if u buy second hand. I don't understand why ford has made it so impossible
  4. Swapping Zetec Stereo For A Sony One

    Hi, I know this is impossible but here's hoping. I currently have a fiesta titanium with the standard screen and hu without Bluetooth and USB. I recently bought a Sony radio with cd player and sony screen. When I connected the screen it didn't work and the wiring at the back of my cd player has two connectors where as the Sony only has one (different sizes ). Also the Sony control panel is the only thing that works. Do I need to add the Bluetooth and usb module for this to work is there no hope for it. Cheers.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums paddymoylan :)