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  1. Any Tools/tips On Changing The Oil Filter

    Thanks for replying (and sorry it's a little late!)
  2. Just changed the oil on my Focus for the first time but did a bit of a schoolboy error and didn't look at the access to the filter before I'd drained the oil. The tool I've used on my previous cars wouldn't fit in the small gap around the filter so I've had to leave the old one in place. Anyone got any tips or know any good tools for removing the filter..........
  3. Cooling - Thermostat?

    By temp light I presume you're talking about the gauge? My 1.6 petrol focus is just shy of 90 degrees (about 3mm to the left as you describe) when up to temp. (90 degrees centigrade being when the needle is bang in the middle pointing upwards). I had a saxo which did as you describe (get up to temp and then go back down again) and replacing the 'stat sorted the problem. I presumed it was sticking open. It would be a good idea to replace the fuel filter but I don't think it's in any way linked to your problem. Good luck
  4. Getting insurance quotes through some price comparison sites and am being asked all kinds of highly technical questions! Does my model have a Thatcham approved alarm system? I've tried the owners handbook and Fords site but not come up with anything. Any clues.................?
  5. Help - Brakes

    40k kilometres or miles? If it's the latter that's not too bad but then again calipers that are binding can wear out discs in no time at all. I used to own a Citroen Saxo and they were well known for wearing out discs! I'd check what the wear limit is because brake pads and discs are common items that garages tell you need changing when they really don't. It's an easy job for them and they know especially as it's a safety critical part that you'll probably give the work to them. Having said that if it's in for pads anyway the garage might be thinking you might as well do the discs now because if you have to change the discs later you have to put new pads in then anyway.....
  6. crunch into reverse!

    My knowledge may be outdated but I've always been led to believe that there is no synchromesh with reverse on any car. Hence nearly all cars have a tendency to 'crunch' when selecting reverse. The best way to reduce it is to hold the clutch pedal down a bit longer than normal before selecting reverse. I also find blipping the throttle slightly helps too.........
  7. running problem

    Is your throttle cable frayed? Sounds a bit of a longshot but that sounds like similar symptoms to my mates car and that was the problem then........
  8. Haynes

    You mean it isn't out already!!! I can't believe they haven't already produced a manual for what I am led to believe is Britain's best selling car...........?
  9. Service interval for 1.6 petrol ('07)

    Cheers for link mate
  10. I've just bought an '07 1.6 duratec with 60,000 miles on it. It's been serviced regularly - the most recent being March '09 at 52k miles. I've looked all through the owners handbook and can't find the service interval (I'm guessing 12.5k miles but would like it clarified). Can anyone enlighten me please......................?
  11. I've made a lad an offer on what seems like a pretty good deal ('07 56 plate Vauxhall SRI NAV for £5k) subject to enquiring about insurance and running an HPI check. He's warned me that he still owes £4,700 on the car but says he'll pay it off with my money. I don't know him at all and can only take his word for it that he'll do this! Worst case scenario - I buy it and he doesn't pay off the debt; presumably the finance company can repossess the car from me with absolutely no comeback!? I'm very tempted but don't want to get stiffed (but at the same time he seems decent enough). Given the current climate possibly most of the private sales will be the same deal at the minute? (i.e. have outstanding finance)
  12. Which Focus to get?

    Thanks for the other replies - it's generally a case of once a thread is a couple of days old it dies. Thanks for making an exception here; it is appreciated!
  13. Ford Focus TDI

    Have you just bought the car or is this a problem that has just occurred? Engines obviously take longer to warm up this time of year especially if they're not garaged. How much does it drop back? 88 degrees is close enough to 90 - I presume it drops back further than that! Diesels run hotter than petrol engines so you are right to raise this issue - if it gets much lower than about 80/85 degrees then it needs sorting. If so then your problem sounds like a knackered thermostat. Cheap to fix and easy to sort yourself if you know one end of a spanner from another! Good luck.........
  14. Warranty On Brand New Focus

    Good to hear - it's really not worth a dealers reputation not to play ball with something like this (plus I'm sure they invoice Ford for all the costs anyway!) Did you really think this thread was so important that you felt the need to post it up twice!!
  15. Warranty On Brand New Focus

    The worst that can happen is they say that it isn't covered. You wont know until you ask.....I'd be straight back to the dealer politely but firmly asking what's going to be done about it. If you don't get a positive response I'd be changing my tone pretty quick!! If you spend £10k+ on a new car it's got to be right!!! Chances are they'll probably sort it out for you straight away (unless it's the Ford dealer in Basildon that someone else on here was having bother with ) Good luck!!