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  1. Thanks Stoney. That was the unit I used, from the same seller. The first one didn't arrive (post office prob) but a second was sent out first class post when I complained. Its a little tiny unit about 2 cm by 1.5cm. It has a self adhesive pad so you can attach it to the bulkhead or wing inner. Works great.
  2. Many thanks to D4nz0 and iNath. I am still awaiting my add a fuse units so I connected my side light connection to the red and green wire on the plug at the back of the nearside headlight. I similarly connected the ignition switched live to the purple wire on this plug. I used snaplock connectors. I connected my earth wire to a bolt at the back of the fuse box. I used two stainless steel self tapping screws to mount the brackets for each led unit under the centre bar of the radiator grill. All is now up and working. I am quite pleased with the result for a total cost of about £15. I tried to post a pic but cant find the picture upload icon of the bottom of this post nor the quick reply post or post option mentioned in the forum help posts.
  3. Many thanks D4nz0. I'll give it a try.
  4. Many thanks iNath. I have the lower spec glovebox fuse box but Fuse 8 is marked identically to the higherspec one in the manual. I have just sent for an 'add-a-fuse' and will give it a try.
  5. My wife has a May 2012 1.4 diesel Titanium Fiesta (one of Motorpoint’s Gibraltar cars). I recently bought two daylight running light units which I intend to fit either side under the centre front grill bar. To ensure they don’t glare away at night I bought the small relay which switches them off when my side lights are switched on. I require three wire supplies for the unit. 1. negative earth 2. a side light 12v positive, and 3. an ignition switched positive. Connections 1 and 2 are no problem linking on the wires at the back of the nearside headlight connector. Finding an easy ignition switched positive is proving a bit harder. I thought of linking to the 12v cigar lighter lead but found this is permanently live, as is the horn. My fuse box has a fuse for running lights but I can see no wires for the factory fitted Ford running light units which would sit below the headlights. The fuse points are permanently live. The two 8 LED light units were £5 and the Genlabs DRLR2 relay unit was £9.69, both off eBay. Can anyone tell me a suitable ignition switched easy linkage positive 12v feed, preferably under the bonnet? Thanks, Mike
  6. Centre Armrest

    I fitted one of these last week. No problems at all except at the last, when the original black plastic cover had to be "persuaded" with a bit of a squeeze to get between the arm and its front fastening. With regard to quality control the only problem I had was the thread for one of the four countersunk screws was a bit tight. Prior to buying my wife this Fiesta (2012 Gibraltar Titanium) I had a Grand Punto to which I fitted a plastic arm rest. The pillar broke within a month when a relative leaned sideways on it. Its replacement lasted 6 months with careful use. These are really substantial metal and would take the fattest of fatties leaning on it. Mine is black and silver which nicely matches the original trim. I paid £99 delivered off eBay. Thoroughly recommended.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Mikefoc :)