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  1. Power Fold Mirrors Via Remote

    How do you remove your existing colour coded covers.?
  2. Anyone Retrofitted Power Fold Mirrors?

    How did you fit the wire into the holes? What sort of pins did you use or are they push fit?
  3. Leaky Washer Jets

    Any links to the valves?
  4. Automatic Headlight Sensor

    I just received my mirror cowling and sensor, and now I've decided to not put them on! If anybody is interested pm me. Will post later in the for sale section. Parts are off an focus ST.
  5. Recommended 12V Wiring

    Had a look at this but I don't want to open bonnet every time to disable will probably get bored and stop doing it!
  6. Recommended 12V Wiring

    I did something similar to my old BMW e30 put a hidden switch to the fuel pump nobody was going to figure it out in a hurry. Thinking of something similar not sure about he correct load rating for the switch and wire.
  7. Recommended 12V Wiring

    Mine is the facelift model with keyless start, a while back the same model was stolen and they didn't use the key. They accessed the obd and got the car started.
  8. Recommended 12V Wiring

    Hi all I want to install a couple of security devices to my car, a BMW was stolen just the other night little worried about my ST, there was a ST stolen not far me a month ago. I need to get some suitable wire however it appears to come in various sizes should I just go for 1mm or larger? Thanks
  9. Stealing Fiestas

    What do pin 6 and 14 do? Could you not just splice into one wire?
  10. Fail Mot On Led Sidelights ?

    Unless the LEDs are e-marked which I'm not aware of any aftermarket once they would be a failure, however it will be at the testers discretion if he's noticed or bothered by them.
  11. Civil don't worry just tried out and it automatically read me settings. When you calibrate the lights do need to have the car on level ground?
  12. Civil , thanks for the update, the headlamp autocorrector do i just select HID as my car has factory HID and then select focus facelfit? what is the AFS option?
  13. Pseyence Having problems with ms canbus car does not like it and alarm light flashes repeatedly.