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  1. What Is The Official Name?

    Thanks for that.....I'll start the search now!
  2. What Is The Official Name?

    Hello everyone! I was travelling down the A1 yesterday when I came across (and ran over! - not my fault) a ratchet and strap that some tool had left/dropped. To go along with the flat tyre which was expected, I also found when I stopped that the wee panel on the back of the side skirt had come off! I think it's the removable bit to get the jack under the car. Just wondered if anyone knows the official name for the wee panel and also where is the best place to get a replacement? Cheers
  3. Been A While Guys!

    Ok thanks man! I've looked at that before and thought it looked like it would pop open somehow.....How do you open it?
  4. Been A While Guys!

    Quick question guys.....where is the hidden storage panel? its so well hidden i haven't found mine yet! haha i'm guessing its not the compartment to the right of the steering wheel?
  5. Mk7 Fiesta Boot Mat

    I bought a boot matt on Ebay, I would deffinately recommend buying one.... Looks good and its ten times easier to clean!
  6. Philips Blue Vision Ultra ?

    Im looking to upgrade to the same bulbs....is it hard to change them over?
  7. Its Arrived.......fiesta Metal :)

    Ok thanks i'll give that a try....the bird wipes sound good when i got bombed on the 2nd day it nearly brought a tear to my eye! haha
  8. Its Arrived.......fiesta Metal :)

    I was considering the Black on Black aswell! Enjoy it man....im sure you will haha
  9. Led Footwell Lights

    Nice one cheers!
  10. Its Arrived.......fiesta Metal :)

    Thanks for the fix!
  11. Its Arrived.......fiesta Metal :)

    Just the whole car in general really, not sure whats i should be buying,etc. Its a constant battle against bugs and dirt! haha
  12. Its Arrived.......fiesta Metal :)

    Haha thanks but no thanks
  13. Its Arrived.......fiesta Metal :)

    Oh yeah forgot to ask........If anyone has any cleaning tips please let me know!
  14. Its Arrived.......fiesta Metal :)

    Hello everyone, Finally collected my Metal last week not been out of it since! Best car I have had by a long shot.... almost 1K miles on the clock already! Anyway I have just read how to post pictures on here so heres a few...... Also I have bought my first set of badges from DMB (thanks to finding the website through this forum!) Well thats me for now! Im going out for a cruise haha :D
  15. Led Footwell Lights

    Just a quick question while this post is trending........ does the fiesta metal have the fittings for the footwell lights or is it a bit more complicated than buying and fitting bulbs?