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  1. For Sale Focus Parts

    had to go we are moving house, given away.! Tony
  2. For Sale Focus Parts

    I have had these new parts for a while as we were going to keep our car but we decided to buy a new Fiesta. I have two new rear hatch gas struts, a headlight bulb, a rear wiper blade and a set of Bosch spark plugs. Selling all at half price paid, all for 60 euros plus freight... in pounds ? The car was a 2000 Focus 5 door 1.6 petrol, as I am in France can send them to you, I am an Australian living here near Nice Thanks Tony
  3. Like The Car But Hate The Dealership

    Thanks for the replies people. There is perhaps no bigger Ford fan than me, I used to work for Ford Australia for the best part of my life. Other reasons I dislike this dealer, when buying we had to wait about 3 weeks, i turned up to pay a week before then found out there had been a delay were we informed? no! I sent the manager (the guy I bought it from) an email to ask about prices of some accessories to be fitted before delivery; no reply! So we tried to phone once or twice, the phone in fact rang off. On the first service at 1500 kms i rocked up and said I didn't want the optional oil change done 60E left the car parked in front of the reception, went and sat down in the showroom for an hour or so, came back to find my car still in the same place, it's done? no you didn't want an oil change that's all we do lol Three woman phoned up after the yearly service to ask the same question if we were happy, no my wife said not really, oh well we well send you out a form to fill, did it arrive no! The car steered strangely when new had to keep correcting the wheel, an alignment problem? didn't feel like it to me, as if the tyres were controlling the steering rather than me (tramlining)?, no sorry after 1500 kms its not covered by warranty; but there is a garage opposite you can ask them. As for the alignment of the door its normal said the young receptionist, another case when I asked to speak to a mechanic and was refused. Its only now after warranty that the seal is starting to peel off, and its looks like that will be up to me to keep having it re stuck or replaced time and time again. I can accept that with a 2 door having such along door taking up so much of the body length a problem like this could arrive, the rubber frotting on a pillar and not aligning up with the rear window surround. The biggest shock is to have warped discs at 30000 kms, my Focus traded at 175000 kms never had this problem I currently have two other cars produced by Ford, a Jaguar replaced them at 90000 kms, became thin and a Mazda RX8 done 104000 and still in good shape, my last Ford in OZ was a Fairmont replaced them at 90000 kms I think the Fiesta is a great little car and I probably will buy another soon, when we sell the Mazda but in a different region and from another dealer Tony
  4. I have warped front discs at 30000kms, (apparently it is not unknown) and the DS door rubber is peeling away. They glued it under warranty rather than changing it all, in fact I saw the new rubber that they had ordered but instead didn't fit it due to last minute advice. So the car is 7 months out of warranty, (only 2 years here) and they sent us a brochure annual service for only 149E; the one under warranty was 300E including a charge for an oil additive, which is hard to imagine being needed in new car? So I mentioned to the young girl at reception about the brake discs, "do you want them replaced 300E"? Do you want the brake fluid changed at 69E? and then the cabin filter for 50E. In fact the service is nothing more than an oil and filter change as it turned out, and the oil to be used Castrol wasn't a brand instead called Titan? So when I asked to speak to a mechanic, about he door rubber and the brakes she and told me go go to a bodyworks, the door has never fitted all that well, does not line up with the rear window glass and the rubber seal catches on the pillar. As for the brake discs they didn't take the wheels off she said but the pads are OK? So for the first time in my life I feel not like wanting to buy another Ford. I am going to write to the factory. Tony
  5. Bent Brake Rotor

    No the warranty is only 2 years here in France Tony
  6. Bent Brake Rotor

    Mine is making a scraping noise which is evident at low speeds when I brake, my car is just over 2 years old now, out of warranty and a garage has quoted me 300E to fix the problem with a change of front pads. I have been googling and it seems to be a known problem, never known this kind of thing even with my cars which have travelled over 150000kms What chance do i have for some Ford help with my car which has only 32000 km's on it? Tony
  7. Fiesta Tyre Questions

    My 2012 will need new tyres soon, the Premium Contact 2 Continentals have lasted about only 30000 kms, however the roads are twisty around here! When new the car tended to tramline and I had to keep correcting the steering, however as they wore down it was less evident, they used to lose pressure a lot too, needing weekly inflation. I am going to change brand any suggestions? I can get a good deal on some Hankooks, and also Goodyear Efficient Grip with wheel protect, is this ok on a car with non alloy wheels like mine? Thanks Tony
  8. Door Seals Peeling ....again Grrrrrrr !!!

    Nothing gained here! Drivers door rubber was meant to be replaced rang me to say come in it has arrived, 1 hour later they didn't have to replace it after all... some new idea using glue from what i could understand. It still tucks in under the pillar on this side and gives a noise when opening the door; and will wear out again in a flash. Two calls from women since one from the dealership the other from... Ford?? asking if I am happy, no (said my wife on my behalf ) so now I have to fill in some !Removed! form they are going to send me!
  9. Thanks for your reply. The filter box was dusty and showed no evidence of having been even touched, however have to go back on Moday to have a new DS door seal rubber fitted, can't see how this will cure the rattle inside the door? Plus they put Bardahl in the tank as a part of the service of 300 euros and used an oil called Titan when Ford recommend Castrol! Don't completely trust this dealer, will keep an eye on them Thanks again Tony.
  10. Must sound a stupid question i know all cars are supposed to have one but, I just had the yearly / or 20000 kms service done here in France, no mention on my receipt of a change having taken place. When I look at the handbook, it is shown but with "no maintenance required" What's going on here? lol
  11. I agree about Profilers used them on my previous Focus they are good tyres,( however earlier versions were Ok but noisy) as far as Contis I have them on my 2012 Fiesta, not so sure?... half worn out at 13000 kms, lost a lot of pressure during summer for some reason and for the first time ever I experienced aquaplaning at 50 kph Will not be staying with them.
  12. Have a 1.25 82 hp 2 door 5 speed manual, called the "Trend Pack" here in France, one under the Titanium. The car is very dusty, inside all the doors, on the dash seats and in the engine area, more than any car I have owned, yet we live in any area with paved roads. My driver's door frame doesn't align well with the rear window frame,( it sits in fact several mm out from the ds door frame) as a result when I open the door the seal makes a sound, as the rubber is underlapping the pillar, the off side alignment is perfect. I sometimes hear a rattle from the ds door when the window in partially down or sometimes when closed.. mainly on hotter days. The clutch when not depressed now makes a sound which is normally a sign of wear I have been told? The rear suspension is not of the same category as the one fitted on my previous Focus, as the car has a tendancy to slightly skip sideways going over road ridges, and there is quite a bit of body roll. Otherwise the gearbox is good, controls light and easy to use, seats (comfortable grip you well) and there is plenty of head and leg room. The boot is a good size, good turning circle and I like the look of the car. The car was slow to start with but after 10000 kms it's now quite punchy. One thing I don't understand is how to adjust the height of the front seat belts, seems you have to remove the pillar cover panel? or am I just thick? Don't worry I am Ford guy, will never buy another brand and used to work for them!
  13. Taking My Fiesta To France - Advice

    I live in France and have a 2012 1.25 82 hp Fiesta; keep the revs up as passing trucks meaning you will have to think in advance about overtaking, the autoroutes are super smooth but you will have to pay and it's getting more expensive. I like using the secondary roads as you see more scenery and they are free. Leave the autoroutes to buy fuel as it costs much more than on the toll roads. I am thinking of taking mine on the boat to Corsica on Friday with friends from Australia, but with 4 onboard will there be enough room for the luggage and enough power for the mountainous roads, maybe I should have bought a 1.6 ; but maybe I will take our old X Type? Depending on where you are going, in Brittany for example driving is a breeze, in the Paris region a bit hairy, in the South where I am from they are petrol heads and tend to tailgate you lol Watch out for speeding cameras (fixed and mobile) and alcohol limits 0.25%.... France has changed!! Good luck and have a great time! Anthony
  14. First Service ?

    This interests me too, what happens here in France seems to be very little, keen to know what happens in the UK. Took mine to the dealer at 1500 kms, asked not to have an oil change as it's not mandatory and is at the owners expense, after waiting in the showroom for around an hour I noticed the car hadn't moved from in front of the reception. Apparently that is it here?... they didn't tell me i could go, the book mentions a service at 1500 but gives no detail ; but in my mind a service is usually more than an oil change? Anthony
  15. Fiesta Mk7 Vs. Long Legs

    6ft 4 tall.... not a problem, loads of headroom too.