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  1. ade01

    auto lock

    hi i have a c max ghia 2006 is there a way to put on the auto lock feature after you go above 5mph many thanks
  2. hi i have a 54 plate estate mk1 can someone tell me the common places for them to leak as this one i cant seem to solve i have sealed around the lights and the hinges cant think of any where else and now its only on the drivers side its getting water into it please help
  3. ade01

    hi im back

    hi im back after a while away just brought myself a ford focus estate 1.6 automatic ghia lovely car glad to be back
  4. if you brought from a garage under the sales of goods act they have to repair or replace so i would get on to them and tell them to do the jobs or you will reject the car and will want your money back
  5. has anyone got a towbar for a mondeo mk2 hatchback please and will the towbar from a mk3 fit the mk2 many thanks
  6. if its under warrenty take it bak to them to sort out and if he refuses tell him under the sales of goods act 1992 you will reject the car and want your money back that should make him move his !Removed!
  7. can someone please tell me the towing weight for the galaxy mk2 1.9 tdi please
  8. thanks mate thats very helpfull thank you for taking the time
  9. what is the differace between the two engines and how will i know which one i am buying please is there any engine codes which can point me in the right direction and which engine is better many thanks
  10. yes posted on here and did everything they said but never got to the proplem hence the reson i went back to a mondeo
  11. hi all thinking of getting another galaxy but it has to be automatic thinking of the 2.3 as i had the 1.9 diesel before and had nothing but trouble with a boost issue which we could never resolve even after chancgeing all the pipes and boost control valve so what are your thoughts please many thanks
  12. ade01

    my 48.000 minter

    my lovely 2.0 litre auto one owner from new and only 48.000 on the clock in wonderful condition