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  1. Hi, how do you remove the wing mirror top cover to replace the bulb in the wing mirror. Car is a fiesta 09 titainium handbook says just pull cover off but Its really tight think it neads more that just a pull. Thanks in advance Regards malcolm
  2. Winter Steel Wheels And Or Tyres

    Hi thanks for the info looks like its 15" not 14" as there are so many pcd for bolts and offsets does anyone know form which Ford car will fit. what about winter tyres. Regards Malcolm
  3. Hi I have a 2009 fiesta titanium 1.4 tdci with standard 16” alloys fitted. I’m looking to get some wheels from the scappies then get winter tyres fitted. Anyone know what size I understand they need to be 14” to fit my car and from what ford models. Also can you recommend a winter tyre? Thanks in advance. Regards Malcolm
  4. How To Get Power Wire From Battery Through Bulkhead

    Hi thanks for info, had a look at that before including taking the glovebox out so have a big space to look in but I can't seem to see the end where the wiring comes into bulkhead the passenger airbag is in the way.Have you manged to do this on a fiesta with an passenger airbag fitted. Thanks in advance Regards Malcolm
  5. Hi, any one know how to get a wire through the bulkhead on a fiesta 2009 titainium r/h drive.I want to run a wire with fuse direct from the battery to inside the car to connect a radio up I,m a radio ham and need the power direct from the battery.I,ve a had a look and its seems the main wiring harness goes through the bulkhead behind the battery but cant see where it is inside the car even when taking out glovebox I think its behind the passenger airbag and don't really want to remove this. Can any one help me ??? Thanks in advance. Regards malcolm
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums malcolm159 :)