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  1. Which Diesel Engined C-Max To Go For?

    Hi. I'm looking at buying a Focus c-max diesel in the next year or so, around a 2005 model and wondered which engine is the best of the three; 1.6 (109 bhp), 1.8 (115 bhp) or 2.0 (136 bhp). Each appear to be in a different road tax bracket but that's not too much of an issue as they are still fairly close together price-wise and the MPG doesn't seem to be that much different according to Ford figures? I'll probably go for the Ghia too trim to get the most out of the gadgets available. I have owned lots of Fords over the years, including a 2001 Focus Est 1.6 LX Petrol) that was a nice car. I would be grateful for any advice/reviews etc... Thanks.
  2. My Maverick

  3. Hi, I drive a 2001 Ford Maverick 2.0l petrol 16v manual zetec in black. (I also have a motorbike). Hopefully this will be a useful site. :P QM
  4. Hi, just a little history on this, hope it helps; Ford only sold the Mk 3 Maverick in the U.K between 2001 & 2003/4 & only in 2 engine options, 2.0l manual petrol 16v zetec & 3.0l auto petrol V6 (column change auto). It was/is still sold in the U.S.A as the Ford Escape & apart from different engines these years are exactly the same. A joint venture with Mazda they called theirs the Tribute & I believe also had a 2.3l engine option. Haynes don't do a workshop manual for this Maverick but code 36022 gets you the Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute 2001-2007 manual which is very useful. I haven't had any problems getting what spares I've needed to date, Halfords, Allparts, e-bay etc... have all been able to source them but sometimes need a steer in the right direction (this type of history helps). Also never had any issues with MoTs & garages being able to work on it. (Not tried main dealer). Had the cam belt & water pump replaced just after I bought it in Jan 2010. Tyres are the only thing I've found to be a bit contentious; to get the same size as the current 15" wheels have on them I only appeared to have one choice of Bridgestone, (through Tyreshopper) so I might be getting bigger wheels in future! Getting hold of accessories is more of an issue, such as bull bars, side steps etc... I sourced reasonably priced items from a company in the U.S, there are few U.K companies that stock such items. Ford prices are ridiculous & not just a Maverick issue, eg. they wanted £130 each for replacement front fog lights, I got some nice led angel eye fogs from e-bay from U.S for about £60 the pair & perfect fit! You can expect 30+mpg from the 2.0l depending on distances/towing/loads etc... it's only a 52 litre tank so around 330-360 from a tank full. As for the 2.0l being rare, I've seen quite a few in the 2+ yrs I've owned this one not so many of the 3.0l & I had a number to choose from when looking to buy... :)
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Quantum Mechanic :)