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  1. Scraping when turning right

    Thank-you so much for this. Will give it a go tonight and let you know how i get on. Thanks again :D
  2. Scraping when turning right

    The main thing that worried me was that the car has never made this noise before. It's not when it's on full lock either. I could turn a little and hear the noise. It's nothing loud, you have to sit in complete silence to hear it, but the more i turn right the louder it gets. Turning left doesn't seem to be a problem....... I just don't want someone telling me it's the pump and it not be... It's the bill i am worried about.
  3. Airbag light on the Street KA

    I have a feeling you were right, the light has gone off again now. Because i share the car with someone tall, the seat is being changed all the time, so i have a feeling that may have had something to do with it. Thanks for the advice!! Much appreciated. F ^_^
  4. Every time i turn right in the Steet Ka the car makes a little scraping noise "shshshsshshshshs". I have had 2 peices of advice, 1 being the wheel baring and 2 being the power steering pump. Has anyone had the same problem or have a clue what it is or could be??? Thanks in advance!!!
  5. I need advice - this morning a light kept flashing (i'm guessing is the airbag light) - A person sitting with a round ball infront of it.... It keeps flashing, does anyone know what the problem may be? Will it be an expensive job??? Please help. ARGH. Thanks in advance