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  1. Which Is Best?

    Cheers all. Going to ford dealers this weekend. Thanks for your help Rich
  2. Which Is Best?

    Thanks for the responses. Slightly concerned by the MPG figures of around 50? I thought the 1.6 was much higher at around 70-80mpg? Or do you lot just have lead feet? :D I think im going to look around for a 1.6 Titanium and buy the Zetec S splitter etc at a later date. Best of both worlds, and to be honest if the parts can be acquired from eBay at those prices, not too expensive! Now just to decide on 3dr or 5dr <_< Does anyone have any thoughts on the 90k+ miler I mentioned earlier? If it does indeed have a FFSH do you think the high milage matters? Cheers
  3. Which Is Best?

    Thanks for your comments iNath. Unfortunately I think I want toys and looks........ so this might turn out to be expensive ... <_<
  4. Which Is Best?

    Hello all you Fordies! Im recently tempted to trade in my 1.6 petrol Vx Astra mk5 for a 2010 Ford Fiesta 1.6 tdci Titanium, but ive also seen the a same spec 1.4 tdci. I think both of these cars are either TAX Free or £20 per annum, I cant remember. Which is ideal. Im tempted for the 1.6 due to the fuel economy seems better? And of course the extra performance. However, I cant see there being *that much* difference between a 1.4 and 1.6 diesel... or am I wrong? My Astra is the 115bhp model and I know these 1.6 Fiesta's are only 95bhp, but the torque figures seem so much higher... I;ve never owned a diesel before though so I dont know whether this means much. Which engine would people recommend for equal mixture of motorway and town driving? Ive also seen a 1.6 Zetec S which looks great with with body kit. Ive not seen many titaniums with the body kit though? Im tempted with the titanium because its "top spec" so to speak. What are peoples opinions on the spec difference? Is it worth spending the extra funds for a titanium spec? and will the Sport body kit fit it retrospectively? Lastly (sorry for all the questions) I've seen a 2009 1.6 Titanium [full leather] for sub £5,500. The only problem is it is HIGH milage for a 2009 registered car, im talking 90-odd thousand miles! Full Ford SH though apparently. Should this ring alarm bells in terms of future reliability? Thanks for any help. Rich
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums r1chm :)