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  1. HELP please,

    its nothing to worry about . mine does it aswell when you open your door it should drain out of the bottom just make sure it does otherwise you will end up with a bad rust problem Regards Woody
  2. Ford Parts Now Available

    Hello guys Just to let you know that the Ford parts are now available. theres still some more to go on just waiting on some more information on them. Click Here Remember if it not there or its not for a fiesta but you still need it just give me an email and ill get a price for it. The site has got alot bigger but there still alot more to come and products are added daily so make sure you keep checking back to see whats new! Hope all are well Fiesta Direct
  3. Custom Car Mats

    Hello all Just want to let you know about the " Custom Car Mats " we have got on the site .. Create and customized your own mat. I have had a set of these sent down from my supplier and there not like any mat i felt before .. not floppy or flimsey ... they are solid and well built .. and will defiantly last a long time. There is loads you personalize on them - Embroidery , Metal Heal Pads - Chooose your own base colour an then your own trim colour to match - And also pick you material - Standard Velour or Super Velour ... CLICK HERE Please Note - The following words can not be embroided on the mats FORD FIESTA ST ZETEC S FUSION RS - Due to legal reason and me not wanting ford on my **** for copyright
  4. Fiesta Direct

    Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Christmas & New years Just to let you know that I recently started a company called “Fiesta Direct”. And have been working very long hours to get the site up and running, we have just finished the site today and has now gone live. www.fiestadirect.co.uk 60% of the products are on the site now however there are still many to be put on. Including all the Car Care range that will be available at the end of January. Our Genuine Ford Parts would have been available now but unfortunately the Ford Dealership that were supplying us has a communication breakdown down, so we felt that it best to find a new supplier to avoid any problems in the future, So we have now found a new ford dealership and are just finalizing the products and prices with them and hopefully will be on the site very soon. Over the next few months the site will be growing with a lot more suppliers joining us and more service to offer. I have tried to make the site user friendly and appeal to as many tastes as possible, with a range of products to suit people with different styles. If you use msn you can add us on sales@fiestadirect.co.uk and talk to somebody live to answer any problems you have or contact us by phone and email. All available on the website. If you have any suggestion to offer then please email us and we do our best to put it into action. Hope everybody is well & that this year bring them what they want ! Regards Mike