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  1. Hey guys i have keyless start on my st when you press the start button it comes on the screen press clutch to start is there anyway to hack into the screen using the elm to replace these words with summit else??
  2. hey guys need sum quick help I can get accress to everything except the 3rd menu on the hec it just keep coming up with warning say frw.dat file missing had look in file and it is there am I doing anything wrong?
  3. hey guys had the elm for a while now and my mates has asked me to activate his cruise control is there a how to any where as I don't wanna just click stuff as it aint my car cheers. liam
  4. Manged to download both files but still can't open the elm am running windows 7 if that helps cheers.
  5. hey yer I used have program but got new lap top ive downloaded the elm but I need the extra files but the link to get um don't work am guessing its expired.
  6. hey can anyone give me the latest link to the eml cheers. liam
  7. Hello From Manchester!!

    Hey welcome where in Manchester you from.
  8. Time For An Upgrade

    I'm made up with it preee not stopped smiling yet.
  9. Time For An Upgrade

    It sounds really nice at the moment with standard exhaust. Yer am gonna do a thread tomoz probley.
  10. Time For An Upgrade

    Hey sal am paying £100 a month with e-sure. Av not really drove it much yet and yer standard sounds great when rev it.
  11. Time For An Upgrade

    The garage I bought it off did the wheels as I travelled 175 miles to buy car as they said it was mint only to get there and find all 4 kerbed so fully refurbed and resprayed in gun metal grey for free.
  12. Time For An Upgrade

    hey guys/girls i,ve had a focus 1.6 titanium for over 2 years now modified it a little bit lol but i thought it was time for an upgrade when the insurance for an st came down so i,ve gone from this 1.6 titanium. To this st3 and my 2 new fav toys lol any comments more then welcome.
  13. Recent Mods

    The front end of facelift is the same for all models from zetec to the st only the rs had different wings I have titanium and I've fitted st bumper no probs so must be wrong wings.
  14. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    The screen flicked/jumped when cold but no questions ask sent unit back and replacement given.
  15. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    Replacement unit came today wahoo missed it.