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  1. hey guys/girls recently bought a dvd satnav unit off ebay was a no name make so i was bit unsure but i thought oh well comes with 1 year warrenty. so this is the unit i bought it replaces the old unit with no need for any adaptors and comes with canbus so you can still use all the steering wheel controls so features are *satnav, dvd, bluetooth, aux input, rear camera input, 3g capable and front mounted micro sd card slot (free 4gb card as well) so this was my old unit And how the dash looks now rear view camera is a real help and very clear on the screen bluetooth is very easy to use and you can download your phonebook in to it satnav is very good a little complicated but am used to a tomtom but overall very good Am really happy with the unit i would give it 8/10 the only little thing ive found is the screen flickers slighty when it first comes on after its been off for a while but after 30 secs or so it stops so am not to fussed Any comments welcome.
  2. hey guys i currantly have quad exhaust system on my car picture below now for some reason the tail pipe to the far right all ways seems to be covered in black carbon deposits on the out lip where as the other 3 stay fairly clean just wondering if anyone else has had this happen on them and could anyone recommed me good exhaust cleaner? cheers liam
  3. Hey guys i have keyless start on my st when you press the start button it comes on the screen press clutch to start is there anyway to hack into the screen using the elm to replace these words with summit else??
  4. hey guys i have owned my car for 2 years now so though id post up sum pictures. this is how it looked when i bought it first job was sum new head lights bulbs no pictures of um on thou then i changed the rear number plate bulbs to led's then i bought sum genuine mud flaps then i found the wonders of snow foam i was starting to get annoyed with how small and ugly the titanium wheels were so i bought these for £350 then me fitting them then i bought sum dmb gel badges I then started looking into DRL but decided to go down the led fog light route so bought these Then decided that the side looks look rubbish so had to buy sum cree led side lights Then one of the biggest changes this came up on ebay for £100 so had to buy it so from this to this Mine and my mates style Well after the st alloys i had to lower it as it just sat to high Eibachs arrived Old springs in box So before After Then after this i bought set of st L.E.D st rear lights of ebay With back end looking better i then started on the front i had L.E.D fog lights but they wernt very good so i replaced them with these much bright But as all ways one things leads to another so to get the headlights to match the fogs i ordered set of 35w h7r hid kit lights off Lights on So few months went by nothing going on with car then my birthday came around and with the money i got off my family i treated the car lol DMB st chequers in gun metal grey Then this came up on ebay made him an offer and got it for £170 retail about £450 Once fitted/video Then i bought a second hand st bumper in white lol All sprayed up and fitted I was thinking of fitting an induction kit but i thought id just get K&N replacement filter for now so before after And supplyed sticker so mechanics know not to replace it And how it looks today all comments welcome guys. liam
  5. hey guys need sum quick help I can get accress to everything except the 3rd menu on the hec it just keep coming up with warning say frw.dat file missing had look in file and it is there am I doing anything wrong?
  6. hey guys had the elm for a while now and my mates has asked me to activate his cruise control is there a how to any where as I don't wanna just click stuff as it aint my car cheers. liam
  7. Manged to download both files but still can't open the elm am running windows 7 if that helps cheers.
  8. hey yer I used have program but got new lap top ive downloaded the elm but I need the extra files but the link to get um don't work am guessing its expired.
  9. hey can anyone give me the latest link to the eml cheers. liam
  10. Hello From Manchester!!

    Hey welcome where in Manchester you from.
  11. Time For An Upgrade

    hey guys/girls i,ve had a focus 1.6 titanium for over 2 years now modified it a little bit lol but i thought it was time for an upgrade when the insurance for an st came down so i,ve gone from this 1.6 titanium. To this st3 and my 2 new fav toys lol any comments more then welcome.
  12. Time For An Upgrade

    I'm made up with it preee not stopped smiling yet.
  13. Time For An Upgrade

    It sounds really nice at the moment with standard exhaust. Yer am gonna do a thread tomoz probley.
  14. Time For An Upgrade

    Hey sal am paying £100 a month with e-sure. Av not really drove it much yet and yer standard sounds great when rev it.
  15. Time For An Upgrade

    The garage I bought it off did the wheels as I travelled 175 miles to buy car as they said it was mint only to get there and find all 4 kerbed so fully refurbed and resprayed in gun metal grey for free.
  16. Recent Mods

    The front end of facelift is the same for all models from zetec to the st only the rs had different wings I have titanium and I've fitted st bumper no probs so must be wrong wings.
  17. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    The screen flicked/jumped when cold but no questions ask sent unit back and replacement given.
  18. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    Replacement unit came today wahoo missed it.
  19. Recent Mods

    Hey yep they are the right ones took me ages to figure out how they fitted lol. If I remember rightly that one in pic goes on drivers with the long flat side goes on the outer edge if that makes sense.
  20. New Member With Focus Rs

    Hey welcome lovely car how did you get on with the Bluetooth was it easy enough to do
  21. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    Mine got sent on Saturday so hope fully will be here soon mines a replacement and they sorted my faulty unit out very quickly.
  22. Recent Mods

    Not that I know of I looked for ages on eBay ford are pretty cheap thou
  23. Recent Mods

    Hey yer you need the brackets and by looks of it the chrome surrounds. Look at this pic take the part numbers to ford and they will sort you out Any questions just ask.
  24. Recent Mods

    Hey not had full read of thread but you should have a plastic bracket that slides onto the back of the bumper then the fog lights screw to that. Any questions just get back to me.
  25. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    God that's a bit steep now wonder why they hiked the price up.