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  1. Zetecspaul

    Need Some Heads Up On The Law Of Towbars

    Thanks a lot for you reply, I wasn't sure so I thought I'd seek some advice, n where better to ask
  2. Hey guys, I've been a way for some time but I'm back now :-) I'm havin trouble getting a towbar to fit on my zetec s, it's my pride n joy n I don't want a big ugly towbar on show, to make things worse, I can't really afford to by a detachable towbar, I'd be lookin at at least 200 quid. Now I have a few good friends who are fab welders and I have come up with a plan n design to turn a standard towbar to a detachable with no extra cost, is this against the law? Cheers Paul
  3. Zetecspaul

    Timing Belt At 100K

    Thanks alot Steve I will tale ya advice I think, what's one of these cost at a garage roughly
  4. Zetecspaul

    Timing Belt At 100K

    Hey guys, my 1.6 tdci fiesta has hit the 100k mark it's been over serviced at a Toyota main dealer, but it doesnt say if it's had a timing belt change, so I was just gunna av it done, it's ready f me to service any way, im a diy mechanic, how much of a job is it on these?? Cheers in advance
  5. Zetecspaul

    Photo Location Game

    that looks mint mate! Love the red with black shoes
  6. Zetecspaul

    Inducton Kit Issues

    Does it have too?
  7. Ok inath, I'll give it a try, n don't worry I ain't leaving here haha
  8. Zetecspaul

    Fiesta Metal Drum Brakes Or Drum Breaks ?????

    this to me just sounds like the system needs bleeding! Can u pump them hard whilst the engine is running??
  9. Zetecspaul

    Inducton Kit Issues

    Hey! I was thinkin about gettin an induction kit, I have found a local parts store have got a sale on them so hell with it im purchasing this weekend! My main concern is where does it fit! I have just been out n stript the airbox off and I can't work out where n how it would work! So help would be amazing and pix of a mk6.5 with akit on would be better cheers! Paul
  10. Zetecspaul

    Is This Normal?

    But does the air con work at all?
  11. Zetecspaul

    Photo Location Game

    if I remember rightly they call it the property shop so the 4 Ps are still there for now lol
  12. Zetecspaul

    Your Opinions About My Wheels Please

    What do u have now Dan
  13. Zetecspaul

    Is This Normal?

    It sounds like it's tryin to kick up but won't turn on, I'd get in touch with the regas firm n see what they say
  14. Is it any good?? I love the old school number 2 I find it the best 1!