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  1. I've attached a video which hopefully you can hear what I'm talking about. At 8 seconds is when I press down on the clutch pedal which is when the sound stops, and at 16 I let go of the pedal. Does anyone have any idea what would cause this :) https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3vkonpotq9i3ai/2015-04-21%2017.46.43.mov?dl=0 Thank's
  2. Gottcha, I've sent off for my more quotes this morning, and I still need to pop into another garage who I called to confirm the quote. I've just still gotta consider my other option of Part Exing it, arrghh aahaha
  3. Is this a hint to do it myself :D I assumed it was one of the more difficult tasks ahaha
  4. Righty ho, bit of an update: So I got quoted £980 at a garage, Now the car is worth roughly £2,500-£3,000 if it didn't have thie problem. I can't sell it privately as it stands as I doubt anyone would want to buy a car that needs a new clutch. If i do the work, I wouldn't want to keep the car too much longer, perhaps 4-6 Months. What sort of price would I get part ex?! I know that's a howlongisapeiceofstring question, but would I get a 'fair' price, or taken to the cleaners :/ Cheers!! (PS It's now sounding worse)
  5. Ah oh dear :/ I'll get a price tomorrow and see what to do next. Thanks again
  6. Thanks for the reply Nexus and Jord, It's been happening for a while, but just much more noticeable recently, what will happen if it's left, will it damage anything else? Can you guesstimate how many hours labour it would be at a garage? Thanks Lewis
  7. Ah I knew I hadn't put enough info in!! 1.8 TDCi 2008 120,000 on the clock
  8. All done! and it works haaha! Activated using: http://www.jamessimpson.co.uk/elmconfig-enable-ford-ecu-functions/
  9. Hi All! I'm giving my car a service in a week or so, and I'm just wondering what the thoughts are on changing the fuel filter? Necessary, or more hassle than it's it worth? I've read though the Hayes manual, threads on here and YouTube, and you have to prime it with fuel.... Do you guys just go to the pump and put a bit in a bottle for the filter?! (Along with some in the car due to the 2ltr min) Then how do you get it in the filter: something like this? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Large-Plastic-Syringe-plastic-tubing/dp/B009LEEOVW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1400524282&sr=8-2&keywords=syringe Cheers Guys!
  10. Fuel Filter Change. Yay/nay

    Great! Thanks!
  11. Fuel Filter Change. Yay/nay

    Lovely, that priming bulb you mention is the one posted above by STEADS right?
  12. Fuel Filter Change. Yay/nay

    Would that void the need to fill the filter with fuel first on the basis it would suck it through?
  13. Looking forward to doing this! I've been 'clean' for two years having not done anything to me focus! All the Airbag covers however are £60 on eBay :o Already got my wheel so it's just that part left, let the waiting game begin...
  14. Hi All :) The clock on my stereo tends to get a tad confused... I'll set the date one day, and a few days later, the date will be wrong... Out by anything from 4-5 days, to a month or two. The time is nearly almost correct, so it's just the date thats pranging out... Head unit in question is the 6000 CD, Cheers guys!
  15. Whats the plan stan....? Smoking like a aged rock star when around 2k, P0299 coming up on the code reader, This is my first TD so i'm not really sure what i'm looking at when it comes to turbos. Cheers guys
  16. I've Got A Confused Clock!

    When i first viewed the car the Head Unit was broken, and wouldn't not eject a CD, but that was fixed. Quite possibly these two could be related! Once the weather has improved i'll take it out and have a peek at the wires :)
  17. Just though I'd update! Turns out it was a split pipe, the first garage must've just not looked well enough! Thanks everyone :)
  18. That;s basically what the mechanic said.... really hope it's not the wastegate, as i'm every so slightly broke atm :) I was hoping it was this, but they had a look at the pipes when it was in the garage, and couldn't see anything....
  19. Little update... Changed the air filter, and sort of solved the problem, but not 100% Took it to a garage and they ran a proper diagnostics on it Reporting the faults to be: MAF Sensor Wastegate He said there is no way to find out which one is causing the problem, Anyone experienced this? Thanks
  20. Had a look at the pipes and they all seem to be as they should, Took the air filter out, and it was very very dirty, so getting a new one tomorrow, and we shall see if it solves it. :)
  21. Hi mate, thanks you the reply. I only bought the car 3 months ago, and have done 3,000 miles or so on it so i can't say when the air filter was changed, should this be my first step? This is my first desisel and also my first turbo car, so i'm new to all this, and not really sure what i'm looking at, I'll have a look though some online guides though :) Smoke is a dark/black colour, no hissing, and i will check the oil tomorrow (living on a hill makes this a pain!)
  22. Hi all, currently Driving a Corsa SRi 1.8, which is lovely, but i'm too old for a corsa (19) and its time to move on... Currently thinking about: Focus Zetec TDCi 1.8 3dr, with about £5k to play with, so would be around an '05 plate, guessing from a bit of research. What's the Focus owners view on this car and engine? And could someone also talk me through the order of Trim levels, and what you get in each one? Any other useful information would be appreciated! Oh and i'm 6ft4 with boat for feet, guessing i'll fit i okay? Cheers guys :)
  23. Also, can anyone tell me when things tend to go or need to be changed on a focus, ie cambelt, clutch etc etc
  24. What does anyone think to this? http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201222473732310/sort/pricedesc/usedcars/engine-size-cars/1-7l_to_1-9l/quantity-of-doors/3/transmission/manual/fuel-type/diesel/price-to/6000/maximum-age/up_to_7_years_old/model/focus/make/ford/postcode/n88hl/page/2/radius/1501?logcode=p Really nice spec, not a huggdee fan of the wheels, but hey