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  1. problems with shock absorber?

    Hi Spot on. The coil has snapped and have decided to replace both front coils. what price would be considered reasonable for labour. The coils will set me back around 70 for the pair
  2. Black smoke from Exhaust

    Hi all I have a focus tddi and have noticed that when i put my foot on the accelerator, black smoke comesout of the exhaust. Once it goes over 2k revs, no problem, could it be something to do wih the turbo. You dont really notice it during the day, but at night time its quite visible. No other smoke at any other time. Got to service and mot no problem Cheers
  3. problems with shock absorber?

    Hi Hoping you can help me with a problem with my focus. I was driving yesterday and it felt like either a stone had hit the underside of the car or a bolt had come off As soon as it happened i noticed that when you steer to either the right or left, you can hear a clunking noise which gets louder as you put the lock on. I have pulled the fromt driver side wheel off and it seems like the top shock absorber coil has shiftd or broken. The top of the coil is not actually pressed against the plate. The car also steers to the right when driving. Thats all i know. I have read some of the posts in this section and it seems to suggest the shocks can anyone assist? Thanks