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  1. Happy Birthday LouiseKodie!

  2. Car Speakers Blown, Dont Know Why

    Haha loved the bieber comment but not a fan, sounds like you guys are tho :P. Ive pulled the radio front out and checked all the wiring and took the aux lead out as well n tried it that way to see if that was the prob n even with aux lead out it still don't work, all fuses are fine as well, prob blow the speakers knowing my luck and I don't have the option on to change it to driver either, will have to go to a garage n get them to do it :( pain but I cant go any longer without music. Thanks for all the replys guys :)
  3. Car Speakers Blown, Dont Know Why

    Is it a hard job to do or do i have to take to a garage, going mad with no music in the car :( thank you for the reply
  4. Aux Input Fault

    Yes it is a factory fitted one. How would i go about fixing it? Thank you for replying
  5. Hi, Just a quick question (I hope) I use my aux lead with my blackberry phone to play my music fru my car speakers have done for over 2 yrs since ive had the car, when I was driving it suddenly stopped working I pulled over and tried the radio as well only the passenger speaker works really quitley and very distorted even on volume 30, I have checked the fuse box and they seem to be ok, im not sure what else it could be, I just hope I haven't messed anything big up (Sorry about the spelling lol) Hope you guys can help me, Thank You Louise
  6. Aux Input Fault

    Hi, I'm really sorry if i'm posting on the wrong place, its been a while since i've been and not sure where to find things. Its just a quick question (I hope) I was driving home the other day and I use my blackberry to play my music through my aux lead so it comes through my speakers in the car, all of a sudden it stopped working, only my passenger side speaker works but not really well and distorted really quite even on volume 30 no other speakers work, have checked fuse box but they all seem to work, I hope ive not done to much damage ( sorry about spelling as well) hope someone can help me, Thank you Louise
  7. My Car Keeps Resetting Its Self

    Thats a great help will check my fuse box 2mora and see if its that. I have electric windows but if it only has one setting then i think i can cope with that. Thank you for your repiles
  8. Hi, My name is Louise and my car is called Kodie, I have got a focus zetec 1.8 just standerd, i just really need some advice on a little problem ive got, I noticed the other day that my time and date keeps resetting and i dont know why its doin it, its done it couple of times, think it could be a lose conection but i dont know where to start looking for it. Also is there anyway that there is a setting to make the windows go up by themselfs they down themselfs by i have to hold them to make them go back up. Will be very greatfull for any advice given. Thank you
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums LouiseKodie :)