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  1. Happy Birthday TomTom ZS!

  2. My mk6.5 Zetec S

  3. I don't mean a full back bumper mate, as said just the plastic trim on the lower half of the bumper should be all you need :)
  4. Also, just to add; you asked about whether the backbox would fit ok or would you need to cut the back bumper. I had thought this when I first got my ZS, but the best solution I thought of was to replace the black plastic section on the rear bumper with the one from the ST fiesta. I'm assuming it would just swap over easily enough, shouldn't cost much to buy one from a ford parts dealer (or scrappy) and would save you hacking into your current bumper :) plus, if/when you come to sell the car and wanted to return the car to standard then you can just swap the standard Zetec S bits back on. Hope that helps!
  5. Hope I'm not too late with posting this, but I'll be purchasing one of these soon for my ZS; http://www.thepipercrossshop.co.uk/paneldisplay.asp?model=167&kit=890 Seems a little bit cheaper than demontweeks etc. I'd like to get a new exhaust backbox too but I plan on keeping it looking standard, so will just go for a panel filter I reckon :) there is a simple mod you can do to get a bit more noise too, by 'de-restricting' your air-box where the panel filter sits in, by removing the resonator that sits in there. Unfortunately I haven't yet found a decent guide online to show how its done! If I find one I'll post it here :) And to answer your other question, I have the same shape fiesta as you, mine is on a 56 plate (06/07) and as far as i'm aware it's known as the Mk6.5 (basically a slight facelift over the mk6, most noticeable alterations are the headlights and tail-lights). Hope that helps :)
  6. Howdy

    Thanks for the welcomes! :)
  7. Fiesta Mk6 Zs Annoying Safety Feature ...

    Brilliant, thanks mate!
  8. Fiesta Mk6 Zs Annoying Safety Feature ...

    Couple of 'action' shots of the ZS for you all .... :D
  9. My mk6 ZS has a feature where the hazard lights come on and flash a few times under hard braking. This is a great safety feature during daily driving in case I ever have to do an emergency stop .. However I took my ZS round Curburough Sprint track a week or so ago, had great fun and really got to push the car to its handling limits without endangering people by doing it on public roads! And it kept doing its lovely safety feature of flashing the hazard lights every time I broke hard for the first corner (much to the amusement of the guys watching !) Is there an easy was to temporarily disable this feature?
  10. Howdy

    Hello, I've been registered on here for a while and follow the FOC on twitter - but only just decided to actually say 'hello'....! I'm Tom, live just outside Stoke on Trent. Drive a Mk6.5 Fiesta ZS, had it for just under a year now and I love it. It's the petrol version, great fun little car but economical when I want it to. Which isn't very often, but still .... Cheers
  11. Mark Number Of My Fiesta

    Seems to me like the dealer is a plank ... Mk4? Nope, that's a mk6 (although like 'volts' say above its usually referred to as a Mk6.5 cause its the facelift model). Best shape Fiesta there is I think .... ;) hope you get your car sorted mate!
  12. My Focus Zetec S Eps In The Snow !! Help

    My Fiesta Zetec S does the same thing in the snow. Agreed it sounds like something has broken but as the guys above say, it's fine - just the car's safety features doing their job! :)
  13. Tom's Mk6 ZS

    My Fiesta Zetec S!
  14. Hello There

    Hi! Found this forum via twitter, so as I'm driving my first ford I thought I'd get signed up :) My car is a '56 reg Fiesta Zetec S and is my 9th car (as said its my first ford though!). It the 1.6 16v petrol, and it's a fantastic little car. About me, my name is Tom (as you can probably tell by my forum display name which co-incidentally is my XBL gamer-tag!), I'm 23 and live just outside stoke. Cheers!
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums TomTom ZS :)