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  1. Happy Birthday leemeadowcroft!

  2. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Only been driving my new 1.25 5dr Fiesta Zetec since Friday and it has approx 175 miles on the clock. Been taking it gentle so far and the onboard eco computer is rating me at 5/5 for gear changes, 5/5 for anticipation and 5/5 for speed so I can't physically drive it any more economically than I am right now. The car is showing 38mpg (approx 340 miles per tank or 16p per mile) for an average speed of 24mph which is a bit disappointing to be honest, does that sound about normal? edit: just used the whatcar mpg calculator thing and it tells me for my car, driving conditions, driving style etc that the mpg should be 38.2 so I guess that answers my question.
  3. Just Bought My First Ford!

    Everything in place for my new baby to arrive, financed, insured, just waiting for the call, last I know it was in a container crossing the channel (last Saturday). Was hoping to be driving my new car late this week as I'm off now until Tuesday but never mind, what will be will be.
  4. Just Bought My First Ford!

    Hi, Just been out and bought a shiny new white Fiesta Zetec eeek :-) Not got the car yet; it's arriving in the UK this weekend and should be ready for me to collect in a week or so. This will be my 3rd car, first was a Fiat Punto (needs must) that I had from new for 5 years, followed by an 02 Honda Civic which I've had for 4 years and got from my dad with low mileage. Used the Civic as part ex towards my new Fiesta and really can't wait to get behind the wheel. See you around the forums. Lee
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums leemeadowcroft :)