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  1. Bonnet Replacement

    Just a quick update on this. Got an after market bonnet fitted but it is not sitting flush. I asked the guy who fitted it who said that it didn't have height adjusters so it would not sit right. I subsequently spoke to the bonnet supplier who said I need to lift the front panel or drop the slam panel. I have no clue how to do any of this so was going to take it to a body shop to have a look at it but thought I would ask you guys to se if it was something simple. I've attached a photo to show the gap between the grill and the bonnet nose.
  2. Bonnet Replacement

    Cheers Jeebo, The bonnet went this morning so I've spent my day off looking about with no luck. Body shop quoted £200 to sort dents and scratches. Bleurgh!
  3. Bonnet Replacement

    Evening, Had an accident today and left my handbrake off in the drive! Dumbass. Anyway, only the bonnet was damaged but lots of scratches and a large dent in the front. Ive found bonnet nearby for £60 but I have some reservations. The new bonnet is the same colour but will the shade vary dramatically and/or can it be rectified? Is it easier to get a bonnet from ford and get it colour matched? Cheers guys
  4. Few Questions From A New Focus Owner

    Thought that would be the case. Shame as I can't get on with the MK2 DIS after seeing the functionality in the newer ones, always the way!
  5. Few Questions From A New Focus Owner

    Morning All, Just thought I would revive this as I have been away for a few months. I was nearly swayed by a Golf as the Focus was starting to seem a bit bland but I saw an ST and it restored my faith. Anyway it got me thinking. Can you get a 5 door body kit to make it ST like? I really like the front end of the ST but if I got that changed then the rest would have to follow as it would look a bit silly. Secondly, did anyone ever manage to fit a MK2.5 centre console to a MK2. Ive seen this on eBay and thought it might be worth purchasing to put to one side until I can get the 2.5 armrest. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Focus-Carbon-Effect-Centre-Console-top-part-St-Zetec-Genuine-/170998295224?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item27d04aeab8 Has anyone done a Cluster swap yet? What I liked about the Golf was that I could retrofit a highline MFD which I could plug into my Bluetooth and sat nav to access plenty of info from within the cluster (phonebook, texts, directions etc). Ive seen the 2.5 cluster has some of this functionality so I thought I would ask. Probably easier to just buy a 2.5 Thats all my questions for now, finally got some cash and time so going to get some mist jets installed and look at fitting a 2.5 spoiler hopefully!
  6. So if after you fit the 4 spoke and it does not work, can you still whip it to ford to have it activated or are they not forthcoming about the whole thing?
  7. Focus Interior

    Did you ever get anywhere with this Stoney? Found one a few weeks ago at scarp but they wanted a small fortune for it.
  8. How easy was the change over mate? Looking at doing this myself but my main worry is getting it back up and running with the immobiliser etc. Did it all get sorted out by Ford?
  9. Focus Interior

    Will a Mk 2.5 centre console fit a Mk 2 comfortably by re positioning the 12v? I'm thinking of going all out when I go to breakers next week and looking through a few 2.5s for parts. I really want the armrest with the extra storage as you couldn't fit a cats ball hair in the space under the MK2 armrest. Will this be an easy job as I currently have cruise control and MK2.5 information cluster on my to do list.
  10. Well i have done all my checks and I meet 3 out of the 4 criteria. The only one I dont have is the correct GEM number. Mine ends in BX instead of DX. Can get a wheel for £75 from the local scraper so might just risk it and can always sell the wheel if not.
  11. Iphone Stereo..

    Is there a Double Din stereo that allows me to mirror my iPhone to the stereo screen? I know about the app radio but you have to use the apps they are partnered with, whereas I want to use the apps I like using for sat nav/ news/ music etc? Anything out there?
  12. That's because it is as muggins here has uploaded the wrong picture! Will try get right pic upped in a bit.
  13. Anyone tried this with a GEM ending in AA. Had a look tonight but my Gem is different to the one in the tutorial. I've included a picture if anyone can shed some light on it. It's a Zetec diesel 55 plate. http://db.tt/cyrojetF
  14. Is anyone thinking about pre supplying a modified ELM? Or is it something a local computer whizz will sort out?
  15. Morning all, Firstly great site. It's given me plenty of Ideas for modding which leads into my question. I've created a little list of things I would like to do on my car (55 plate Zetec diesel) and hoped someone could tell me if they ate possible or not ? Firstly I would like to install the DIS cluster from a focus 2.5 so from this http://db.tt/mQ7tE5Hu To this http://db.tt/RS7AJ40t And secondly has anyone installed electric closing mirrors on a MK2? Preferably with indicator lights to? I'm going to have a go at getting Cruise set up when it arrives and make sure its all there (thanks to great guide on the site) but would love to get those 2 mentioned above installed if at all possible. Thanks guys!