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  1. Yeah, know sometimes the simple things are sometimes the most effective, more interested in getting maximum power from it to be honest, :D
  2. Spoke to a mate of mine today, from what I gather they have an automatic choke, and think that this may be what my other mate bypassed, will see if getting it routed back to where it should be, if not will try the intake cleaner see if that helps things, and the idle control valve. Cheers guys, just finding it a little annoying having to bump start it every 2 minutes lol. :)
  3. My 1999 focus, 1.8 petrol has just come out of my mates garage, and now keeps cutting out. When the revs drop (stopping or changing gear) it just keeps dropping and cuts out (sometimes) I genuinely have no idea what he has done to it as he said he has had a "play with a few things" but not quite sure what he has actually done but apparently something to do with re-routing a few things, he didn't go into detail..... It originally went in as I thought the thrust bearing had collapsed, but turns out it was a gearbox issue, so have new gearbox and clutch now...... Does anyone have any idea what it should actually be idling at as it's currnetly idling at just below 1000 RPM, HELP!!! (will in future be sending car to proper garage or doing it myself so I know whats actually been done!!)
  4. sian163 = PSN (when I get round to fixing my disc drive)
  5. Performance only, Can't be bothered with cosmetic unless it's very subtle and just to make it look a little meaner. It's the 1.8 petrol, I'm not sure there is a great deal I can really do, but thought this would be the place to ask!!
  6. Hi guys n girls, Thought I'd say hi, I'm 23, from south wales (Caerphilly) always been intersted in cars and have had a few!! Signed up on here as have a 1.8 focus, 1999 and would like to get advice as to what I can do to make it a little more fun, but remain a practical daily driver! Sian