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  1. nickname

    Leaking Supercab

    My 2002 Mk2 Supercab has water in the cabin. It's in the jack well underneath the Near side Rear seat - not a huge amount of water but I have no idea how it's getting in there. Does anyone have any thoughts ?
  2. A few weeks after successfully testing the 4wd of my Ranger in our field and being impressed just how well low range 4wd hauls you up very steep things I tried again this evening in mud. Found a slippery bit that spun the off side rear wheel - stopped - engaged 4wd lo and set off. It decided it didn't want to move. Just sat there spinning the same rear wheel with apparently no drive going to the front at all or the rear LSD doing anything. Help !
  3. nickname

    Oil Light

    The Oil Light on my 02 Ranger 4x4 TD takes about three seconds to extinguish when cold. After an immediate restart it's almost instantaneous but after thirty minutes it again takes about three seconds to go out. The engine is very healthy, has covered 128,000 miles, doesn't smoke, rattle or use any oil and is extremely clean plus it always starts instantly. Do genuine oil filters have a non-return valve so that they don't drain out and could that the be the problem as I'm using god quality patterns?
  4. nickname

    Ranger Remote Fob

    Thank you so much for posting the fob solution. My remote locking now works again :D
  5. nickname

    Should I Or Should I Not Buy A Ford Ranger

    I looked at a number of trucks, did considerable online research and spoke to a number of mechanics and 4x4 people before I bought my 2002 Ranger and bearing in mind my current budget means I'm looking at older versions (2000-2006) so it may not be so relevant to you but the general consensus of opinion was: Toyota Hilux Indestructible but marginal cooling system, rust quite badly, poor mpg, lower bhp and expensive because of Top Gear publicity. Nissan Navara Very nice truck, ahead on tech spec and tons of power but recurring theme of no3 conrod through the block and huge bills. Mitsubishi L200 Pretty, common, spares are cheap - Head / head gasket / block failure, crankshaft pulley falls off and a number of other worries. Less torque but more bhp than Ranger. Ranger / Mazda B Nothing really inherently bad. 12 valve head design very good, low down torque excellent, good cooling system, sensible bhp so engine not being overstressed, possibly not as bling as some of the others but a good and honest hard working truck and very nice in XLT or Thunder version plus the super cab carries my kids but still has a big enough load bay to carry all my stuff whereas in my case a double cab would be too small. I don't know if this representative of them as a whole but the information I learned about all of them was pretty much born out the real people I spoke to as I'm far too cynical to believe all I read.
  6. Good evening. I'm new to the Forum and the Ranger and could really do with some of your wisdom. I have my first Ranger which is an 02 MK2 4x4 Super Cab which I'm very happy with as I'm a Ford Fan and it goes well with my Capri and P100. The remote locking suddenly ceased working on Thursday. Locked and unlocked with no problem then refused to re-lock from the fob. Central locking still works fine on the key but the fob doesn't. Checked the battery at just over 3v off load and 2.6v on. Is it possible for the fob and locking unit to get out of sync? If so and having read this excellent programming post is it possible to reprogram the existing fob with the instructions in this post or is that only for new ones? Sorry if I'm sounding a bit dim here but as you can see from my other Fords this remote stuff is a bit 21st Century for me!
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums nickname :)