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  1. Happy Birthday DanielWearn!

  2. Squeaking....

    Sorted it out, It a little bit of the shoe adjusters had broken off and was spinning inside the drum. Have taken it out now and its not squeaking any more. Sorted!!
  3. Squeaking....

    Low speed
  4. Squeaking....

    There is a constant squeak when going forward coming from the rear passenger side of the car. This dosent happen when i am moving backwards, only when im going forward? Any ideas? I have a MK6 Ford Fiesta 52 Plate. Regards
  5. Ford Focus 2001 Oil Change

    Just to let you know, this is the Fiesta section. Try posting your question in the Focus section.
  6. Mk7 Fiesta Boot Mat

    where would i be able to buy one, my car is a Ford Fiesta MK6 2002?
  7. Calling All - Mk6 Non Facelift Specialist

    Thanks, do you know anyone that has done a tutorial about it or a step by step guide to do this?
  8. Calling All - Mk6 Non Facelift Specialist

    With all due respect, i need a specialist to answer this as i need a certain answer, No probably, thanks
  9. Calling all MK6 Specialists, i have a few questions for you? Can you put MK6 Facelift Rear and Front Lights on MK6 Non-Facelift?
  10. Wheel Arch

    Have a look on ebay they should have some on there.
  11. Can You Fix A Buckled Alloy On A Mk5 Fiesta

    Sorry to say but you would need to purchase a new alloy. You wouldnt be able to fix it because your balance would be all over the place, and potentially you could do more damage.
  12. Mark 6 Bumper Swap?

    Do you know if the MK6 face lift rear lights are the same as the MK6 non face lift rear lights? Thanks
  13. Led Tail/brake Bulbs - Opinions/advice Needed

    These look really good and effective, i bet they look good from the back. Bright LED's, tried getting some for my car, but i cant find the right bulb to fit it. The ones i previously brought but would'nt work with side and brake on, only worked as one loom which was very strange. Anyone that can help?
  14. I have a Ford Fiesta MK6 52 Plate Car, When i bought the car i only had a spare key. Does anyone have any previous expierences with this and how much would you think it would cost to get one for my car? Does anyone know if my car hase remote central locking?