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  1. Keyless Entry Not Working

    New style Nov 2011 model
  2. Keyless Entry Not Working

    I have Keyless entry - My driver's door will not unlock when l touch it like it used to. Other doors are working OK. Anyone know how this may be fixed?
  3. Keyless Entry Not Working

    My driver's door will not unlock when l touch it like it used to. Other doors are working OK. Anyone know how this may be fixed?
  4. I fitted Avon zz5 - 240/40 18 w95 - no tram lining - was bad using the Michelins
  5. Good Insurance Companies?

    I was with Saga - renewal (01/09/2014) was £370 inc legal cover and enhanced courtesy car, tried the compare sites, was getting £220 for very basis cover from someone I had never heard of, tried direct line, flux , admiral & nfu came back at £360 - £550. Then went for Aviva - £256 all included - give em a try!!
  6. New Tyres Fitted

    Just replaced my OEM Michelin Pilot Sport 3's (235/40x18 W95) with Avon ZZ5s and I thought I had gone deaf!!, road noise so dramatically reduced and they were a lot cheaper too. The ride seems a lot smoother as well :) got 24,000 out of the fronts and 31,000 from the rears - is that good??
  7. I think I read in the handbook it was to switch off the alarm sensors - it is at the bottom of the B pillar I think drivers side
  8. Traffic Sign Recognition

    If the speed sign is obscured by something like a tree branch you can get spurious displays. I have had 110 for a 40 sign and near my home I regularly get 80 for 30. The no overtaking sign is a mystery, not sure what triggers it, but have you noticed that it is a left hand drive no overtaking, not a UK sign - red car on wrong side
  9. Wheel Choice On Titanium Focus 62 Plate?

    My titx estate came with the 18" fitted and I hate them. They fit restricters on the steering rake, turning circle is useless now. Every time I park I curse them If I could I would swop them for standard wheels.
  10. Mk3 Keyless Entry - Frustrating ??

    Replying to the original question............. I too am very frustrated with my Keyless entry. It too is hit & miss. Took it to my dealer who could not find a fault so the frustration continues. Seems to be worse in cold weather. I think the system needs a little more work by the designers.
  11. Mk3 Keyless Entry - Frustrating ??

    Ignoring most of the bitching!!!! Had my Mk3 just over a year now. I too think my keyless is hit and miss. Cold weather this winter seemed to make it a lot worst. I did take it to the dealer, got the expected reply - "cannot find anything wrong. let us know if it does it again" So just putting up with it.
  12. Ordered My New Focus Titanium X :-)

    I have the 18" alloys and find them a real pain. The turning circle is really reduced by a big amount and I find that I cannot just swing into a car park space - i need the reverse and swing in again. I cannot swing straight into my drive have to stop and reverse to get in straight. Ride is good though:-)
  13. I too have come across this and was confused too, but if you continue to input the entire post code so input AB12 and then scroll to the letters and you should be able to input CD.
  14. Road Sign Recognition System

    Still no definitive answer on the "wires" in the window passenger side rear window on my estate. Put there by Ford car was new when I bought it so not an after sale fit. Look just like heated window strips. Any ideas?? Still not worked out what triggers the no overtaking sign display. always comes on when I go around a particular roundabout, but of course I am a little busy watching the traffic to be able to see what could be triggering it,
  15. Bits I Didn't Know I Had.

    I think you can change the colour of these ambient lights by turning the dial on the left of the mirror light