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  1. ppeter7

    Brake disaster!

    Sure theres no screw fixing it to the hub or a spring washer around the thread of the wheel bolt?
  2. ppeter7

    mondeo 2007

  3. ppeter7

    Mondeo Mk1 - no heating

    The knobs should come off anyway so that you can take trim panel off,then in behind is the control unit itself with all 3 controls attached to that. Question 1 is dose it work on any speed? Question 2 Have you checked the fuse to see if it is blown.?? Question 3 have you removed the trim panel to see if the switch is there?. When you turn switch can you feel any movement?
  4. Have you been to your local parts place or taken the old bulb out??
  5. The whole drop link needs replacing i paid about £9 each for mine from direct parts.Very easy to change aswell done mine in a hr tops both sides.Its not worth doing just 1.
  6. ppeter7

    Bonnet Release Problem

    have you tried pushing the grill in when unlocking the bonnet ??
  7. ppeter7

    2004 Door Window Stuck

    can you get to the 2 window bolts and unbolt it from the regulator and wedge it up with wood
  8. ppeter7

    Gearbox Problem?

    The cables are what link the gear lever to the top of the gearbox.If 1 or both are not aligned or tensioned properly you will have a fault selecting gears
  9. ppeter7

    Gearbox Problem?

    Have you had the cables adjusted or looked at at all what with age they might have stretched a little.Have you changed gearbox oil?
  10. ppeter7

    Boot Unlocking

    It could be the micro-switch in the boot handle as there always a problem.If you loook where no plate lights are theres a little rubber strip which you press to open inside that is a micro switch. To dissable it you have to take off the tailgate trimwhich have 4x 20 torq screws ,then take off the no plate lamp surround which are 4x 10m nuts.Disconnect the wires from lamps and then the micro switch itself. Or try just disconnecting the micro switch to see if it happens again.
  11. Being alloy you would have to get it skimmed any way. And the same as a focus. theres 1 on ebay 85 quid
  12. I had the central locking fault aswell it turned out to be the unlock micro switch in the key fob had burnt out. i paid about £3 off ebay for a set of 3 micro switches and fitted them myself into the key fob.
  13. ppeter7

    Fuel Glow Plugs Issue

    Have you cleaned out inlet manifold or blanked off egr valve.
  14. ppeter7

    Mk3 Steering Wheel

    I think what your asking is a mk3 mondeo 2004 to 2007 steering wheelwith controls. Replace your 2003 mk3.It depends on with you have steering wheel controls fitted or not as the airbag is different aswell as connection for the control unit
  15. Aww cool glad its all sorted now Lee Keep on motoring m8 :D