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  1. Still waiting for ebay but im starting to think that patience is a virtue i dont have!! lol I have been in touch with fordpartsuk and they have advised that the hardware below is what i require for the retro fit. Fiesta 2009-Module Bluetooth BT/VC+ USB Connect (with Voice Activated Module English) Part Number: 1754709(AU7T-19C112-AT) £225.69 Fiesta 2009-Centre Console Cover BT/VC Phone Interface + USB Connect Part Number: 1572824(QTY1) £3.17 I am now quite tempted to just pay the higher price to get these parts. My only problem iws the software update with the IDS! I have contacted ford direct and 2 garages that a near all 3 are adamant that it isn't possible and refuse to even attemp a software update if i get the parts! IDo you know of anyone but ford that have access to the software and hardware required to perform this update?
  2. thats probably gonna b my best bet! im just waiting to hear back from my local ford garage to see if they would perform the software update!
  3. Well when i do fit the USB i will take it back to the ford garage i got it from and see if they will do it for me
  4. That sounds gud! Im not in any massive rush as if its going to be £300+ then it wud only be when i cud afford it anyway! But i am definatle going to save a search on ebay because that was seems alot more affordable! Was ford quite willing to do the software update or did u have to pay for this
  5. Thanks for this info! sound exspensive but seems to be my only option if i want a USB connection. What is the difficulty level in fitting the equipment?
  6. I have just bough a 2009 fiesta. It only comes with bluetooth and AUX but no USB. So i started my search to find out how easy it would be to add a USB port to my car. This thread has now given me a bit of hope!! I am still strugleing to find the parts required but have sent a request through to fordpartsuk.com and hopefully they will be able to source the module and required cable for me. what i really want to know is the level of dificulty involved in adding the USB port? Other that the required software update that needs to be done by ford is the rest of it fairly simple. i really miss being able to control my ipod from my steering colum :(
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Nadge :)