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  1. Tailgate Locked Down

    Hi So I have been having a intermittent problem with my 06 mk 2 focus, it locks me out. Have changed the switch and solenoid, battery in key fob. Had a diagnostics check done on my car and it states that there may e a wiring issue within the tailgate loom. NOW here is the frustrating thing you can only get the hatch up when the latch is working. And as its locked down now and will not operate I cannot get to the wiring between the roof space and rear tailgate. Could someone give me an idea how to open the tailgate from inside the boot space ?????? Please it is damn frustrating and if I would have known I would have checked this when it opened intermittently
  2. Hi So I have this very frustrating issue where my boot lid (tailgate) will not open. I have a Focus CMAX 06 plate. So far : 1: Changed Solenoid latch 2: Chamnged switch on boot lid 3: Renewed Battery in FOB Symptons Boot either works or doesnt work on key fob either full unlock or bootrelease, when checking the new unit it has 4 pins on the solenoid where as the old one had 5. But as a say it works for a few days, then stops... I never do anything to make it work like disconnecting battery etc I just wake up in the morning and it works then by the time I get to my journeys end it stops working.. I am really pulling my hair out here the one thing I would state including the 4 pins versus 5 pins is that it reads 10V on the first pin on the right permantley.. NOT 12 volts where is that supply coming from ???????
  3. Hi Intermittent locking and unlocking of tailgate lock, I am so frustrated changed the boot latch and switch and still my boot locks me out and then allows me in again of its own free will, checked all wiring in boot, copius amount of WD40 and checking with voltameter, changed battery on Key FOB as welll. So my question now is is there a Central Locking unit somewhere that is playing up and is it easy to replace ????
  4. Tailgate Not Working Remotely

    Hi Did anyone resolve the isue with the tailgate not working, as I have an 06 Focus and I have changed the Solenoid and Switch on the tailgate but still dont open, doors working fine and Alarm, fyi power getting to one of the four wires going into the solenoid...
  5. Thanks for your comments I have a major frustration, replaced boot latch and boot switch on 06 focus, get this damn intermittent non working problem. Do not know what to check next
  6. Focus 06

    Damn changed my boot lock and switch and boot opens intermittently how can I fix it, really getting frustrated.
  7. Hi are there any instructions to show how to change the rear boot handle mechanism for an 06 Focus. Changed my latch but boot will still not release on the handle stops working 50 percent of the time....
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Broadway :)