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  1. I bought a F-superMK2 Interface for my lap-top but half of tabs on the LHS are "greyed out" tcm, air bag & cluster When LIVE DATA is selected with the Engine running it dose not even display ENG RPM. I have loaded the softwear onto 2 lap-tops with security disabled and get exactly the same results. Mind you, Fuel consumption is a bit good in "Limp mode" Any one know a link to find out what all these boxes mean? I might just stick it into a ford garage, boy i know it will cost & we will be on short rations for a month or 3. Here are a couple of screen shots of the programme Error can't do screen shots
  2. Last night I ordered a Ford spisific disc to put in the lap-top, It wont get here until Mon-Tues. Still getting to and from work in limp mode, have to wait for latest codes. You have to think a long way ahead on the m-way in limp to maintain your speed without breaking whel you know a hill is just arround the corner. Jeebowhite Thanks for your input.
  3. On a 400 mile trip, at 200 miles, Eng malfuntion and traction contol light (i think, orange car with skid marks) came on with lack of power. I pullled into sevices and called the RAC. codes reported and cleared were u3001, u0401, u0416. I then drove the remainder of the 200 miles without a problem. whilst traveling to and from work this week (80 Mile return trip) the fault has been re-ocuring within 2-5 min of setting off. The fault dose not seem related to high reving or heavy breaking, it just comes on after a few minuits, after switching off and on again, it drives great. 3 weeks ago I changed the rear pads, drove for a week, then drove to Glasgow from S Wales, no problems until 1/2 way back from Glasgow. Any one have any Idea where the problem lies, and any reccomendations for a dediated Ford Disc for my lap top from e-bay to clear my codes and read brake and air bag faults??? PLEASE HELP
  4. Egr Or Split Pipe 58 Plate 2L Tdci

    if i drill a few holes in it will the EML stay off
  5. Egr Or Split Pipe 58 Plate 2L Tdci

    WHAT A RESULT, off to a family gathering yesterday, car full of wife, kids & dog. Lost all power, car in "limp home mode" managed to get to next services on MWay. Wife & Daughter headed for loo and met RAC man whilst i was on the phone to Control centre. Fitter pulled up alongside whilst i was still on the phone & got the job pinned to him. "I used to work for some French car maker Ren^&*t that use the same engines" he said. 2 min later he said " It's your EGR valve Sir, I have a blanking plate here." 3 min later, fitted then test drive & job booked off. Breakedown to back on road 20-30 min I LOVE THE GUY!!! NOW NO hesitation at speed on motorway. Pull away in 1st without any thottle up hill & get up to 3rd without throttle on the flat, power from 1200 rpm. It's like having a new car, even though there is 137,000 on the clock. Must unplug the Battery for 30 Min tomorrow to remap. Thanks for all uour help and advice Guys, i wish i had just blanked the bloodything off last month.
  6. Egr Or Split Pipe 58 Plate 2L Tdci

    New Air filter fitted, Little better Tried to get EGR off but unable to remove rear/btm Allen bolt. EGR & metal pipe clean, Valve opperates OK, Loads of gunk removed from inlet manifold without removing it from head. Now found manual. If removing manifold is it nesisary (close) to change the cam senser as it states in the book & how much are they? I thaught i would try cleaning before replacing parts. Stooge75 How can a leyman test injectors if you recon they may be suspect ?
  7. Guys please help My mileage is 135,000, i do 80 Mile a day, 90% motorway. for months whilst m/way crusing it hesitates on acceleraton ie. from 60-70mph in 6th (not all the time) Now it is very sluggish up to 2,200 rpm then it pulls like a train, When driving in 30-40 mph Limits i have to keep above 2000rpm, When cold, without loads of revs stalling is becoming a problem. All symptoms are getting gradualy worse. Serviced regularly, (have to get to work) last month i added a can of 244, witch cured similar symptoms on my wifes Focus but did nothtng to mine I bought some EGR cleaner on the way home today but i cant find my Haynes Bible, Where is the EGR on my Mondao Edge Tdci 140 Estate? if pipes in this system split, witch are the usual suspects and where do they run? Once cleaned in it best to blank off the EGR? Any other ideas???
  8. Lack Of Low Rev Power

    Clive, So sorry about the late responce. After using that "BG244" it feels like we are driving a different car. power all the way down to 1,200 RPM. No puffs of smoke on acceleration, MPG up LOADS, Very happy bunny, thanks Clive.
  9. Lack Of Low Rev Power

    Cive thanks for your help, Is BG244 some kind of fuel additive & who sells it? i have never heard of it before. Only top draw fluids and belts used on service.
  10. Lack Of Low Rev Power

    Is this a common problem with a Duratorc engine? I had the intercooler off yesterday and there was a film of oil inside the pipes, is this normal?
  11. Lack Of Low Rev Power

    help me find a thread about or davise I have a focus h/back 02/2004 1753cc diesel LX TDCI 95,000 MILES. It is gutless until it hits 2,000 RPM when the turbo kicks then it is a dream to drive. just done an all belts, filters and fluids service and no change to low revs power. What do i check, sensors, Valves, CPU, or anything else? please help me sort out yhe Better 1/2's Car
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Welsh Steve :)