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  1. DJ_Andy_M

    bi xenons on my titanium x

    Going back to old school bulbs on a couple of occasions recently I can tell you the Bi-Xenon factory setup on my car trumps halogen by miles.
  2. DJ_Andy_M

    Warranty Issue and Finance

    Looking for some advice. Ford Focus 2015, 1.5 TDCi Titanium X, 10 speaker Sony system. Brought my car in 2015 with 2 years worth of Ford manufacturer warranty left on it. About a month or two after I purchased the car one day I got in the car, started it and all I could hear was white noise from the head unit on everything. Took it to Ford, had software updates to remedy this (which it did) to then create another problem, the centre and sub woofer speaker frequently stop working. My car has now been going back to Ford for the last 2 and a half years (we're now well outside of warranty but as this was raised before it expired they are still obliged to fix it) and they still haven't fixed the problem after many software updates, a new touch screen, two new audio head units, a new centre speaker and a new subwoofer. Ford CRC (customer relations) are involved, its been passed up to Ford Technical who have also in turn been sending data off to Ford in Chicago. Can I go back to my finance company and ask for them to take the car back under the sales of goods act?
  3. DJ_Andy_M

    bi xenons on my titanium x

    If you buy ones rated for 10 years like the Osram Xenarc Ultra Life.
  4. DJ_Andy_M

    bi xenons on my titanium x

    The low 25w output is on the US Focus I believe. UK Focus use D1S (Pre-facelift)/D3S (Facelift) bulbs which are 35W
  5. DJ_Andy_M

    bi xenons on my titanium x

    How old are your bulbs? Might be worth replacing them. The older the get, the dimmer they get. Mine are coming up to the 2 year mark again so I'll replace them before they fail.
  6. DJ_Andy_M

    Sync 2 and Apple iOS 12 Music issue

    If this is broken now with Sync 2, don't expect it ever to be fixed unless Apple identify an issue on their end which they introduced. Sync 2 is very dead, and will not receive any updates. iPhones and Sync 2 on the whole from what I have seen don't work properly. iPod's certainly don't work correctly (in the case of my iPod classic!). @Botus - Sync 1 is very different beast to Sync 2 therefore irrelevant.
  7. DJ_Andy_M

    Sync and parking sensor faults

    Change your dealer then. I kept on at mine until eventually they finally recreated the problem I was having with my sound. Can you upload the video for us to see?
  8. DJ_Andy_M

    Vanishing Mk 4

    At the present time however my statement is still valid. They are currently a model behind us. They are still on the facelift Focus and Fiesta, and probably won't introducing them until next year, like they won't be introducing the facelifted Mondeo to us until next year (Which I might add, the new facelifted fusion looks really good in real life)
  9. DJ_Andy_M

    Sync and parking sensor faults

    Don't pay too much attention to the youtube videos as a lot will relate to Sync 2 which is not the same. Make sure your light sensor is kept clean, and if you're not happy with it still, take it back to Ford. You're under warranty, they are obliged to fix it. Parking sensors can go off randomly near other cars with sensors too I've found (I've seen it set theirs off at the same time, very weird) Another thing, do not install shorter wipers because they are cheaper. They won't clean the sensors properly if at all. Halfrauds tried to sell me shorter ones.
  10. DJ_Andy_M

    Focus mk3.5 "Engine Service Now" warning

    This "Engine Service Now Warning" can carry many reasons. Mine was to do with the fuel pump or filter. SInce having a fuel filter change this message has gone away. There will be a code logged which can be read with Forscan.
  11. DJ_Andy_M

    Vanishing Mk 4

    they appear to be a Focus and Fiesta model behind
  12. DJ_Andy_M

    Vanishing Mk 4

    You didn't go to rather than did you? is the american website and they appear to be a Focus and Fiesta model behind, where as we're a Mondeo model behind at the moment.
  13. DJ_Andy_M

    My Focus Mk3.5 Review

    You would be correct.
  14. DJ_Andy_M

    DPF Active Regeneration

    My living arrangements changed in April meaning that I wasn't doing the hour to work and back every day and therefore only drive a 5 minute journey Mon-Friday. I do however still get two long journeys to and from home on the motorway at the weekend and touch wood, so far I've not seen any issues from this.
  15. DJ_Andy_M

    Stereo and Mic

    It can be done, but you'd either need an adaptor or to wire the correct plug yourself. Microphones are generally two wires, but I'm not sure if noise cancelling requires another.