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  1. DJ_Andy_M

    Dpf do you know

    With mine I tend to notice the its making a burbling sound and I can feel it through the steering wheel. Another obvious give away is the rush of heat I feel when I open the door with a smell of metallic burning.
  2. DJ_Andy_M

    Vignale spanner light

    The spanner indicates that it needs a service. It should have been done at 37500, 50000 and 62500. Major due at 75000.
  3. DJ_Andy_M

    MK4 with 2L Duratec HE

    He's just said this: He also believes:
  4. Before I go completely insane, I'm asking for a friend here. He's just bought a MK4 with a 2L Duratec HE engine, and it's running rough and lumpy. The computer appears to have thrown up about the MAF/T-MAP being the issue. It's not been serviced since 2016 he's discovered either. Is the MAF/T-MAP on the air box like they have been on all the previous engines or is it in some really complicated place? Is this a common issue with this engine? He's had it 4 days, and is about to throw the towel in as he assumes its going to be a pricey fix.
  5. DJ_Andy_M

    Ford Focus Zetec 125

    There is no ambient lighting installed at all. I have the Tit X and there should be two little indented bits with holes for the light to shine through. This car isn't a Titanium that he has so the wiring might not even be there.
  6. DJ_Andy_M

    DPF Guidance on Mk3 1.6 TDCI request

    Strange, I found that V Power causes my cause to start regeneration more frequently!
  7. DJ_Andy_M

    Traffic Sign Recognition changed to KM/h

    There's a simple answer to this problem. Doesn't involve menus, or any electronics. STICK TO THE SPEED LIMIT.
  8. DJ_Andy_M

    Valet mode?

    The only valet mode is on the touch screen. You can't lock your key inside the car as the car knows its in there. Try locking it in the boot, it pops back open. As regards someone stealing your car while you're washing, you'd be unlucky. I always lock my car when I go back inside mind.
  9. DJ_Andy_M

    rear lights where to get

    eBay is your friend. £35
  10. DJ_Andy_M

    Intermittant Engine Malfunction on Dash

    Start a new topic. Don't gatecrash another one with a subject which is completely irrelevant to yours.
  11. DJ_Andy_M

    Engine failure service now!

    What kind of driving do you do? Do you do lots of short journeys or does the car get a good run a couple of times a week? <-- Important question this being a diesel! Starter motor seems a bit extreme for a car of 2014. It's only meant to start the car. If the EGR valve has been mentioned, that is probably why it can't start as I had exactly the same issues with my old MK2.5 with the old 16v version of the 1.6 TDCi. So I would say its the EGR valve being blocked and needs a good clean or replacement.
  12. DJ_Andy_M

    Question for Mk3 (2011-2014) owners

    And gives them a reason to charge a few more quid for it!
  13. DJ_Andy_M

    Sony DSP/Amp ACM Centre Speaker Subwoofer Issue

    Well.... That didn't fix it. I wish they would just replace the system with Sync 3 or just give me a new car. Selling the car isn't an option as I won't recover the money I bought it for unless I can win in challenging under the sales of goods act or similar.
  14. DJ_Andy_M

    Sony DSP/Amp ACM Centre Speaker Subwoofer Issue

    That's really strange. Almost like the white noise issue without the noise! Had my new head unit fitted, and it looks like quite a large update was applied according to the dealer. Only driven it for a short period yesterday and this morning so we'll see over the weekend if they've finally solved it!
  15. DJ_Andy_M

    Sony DSP/Amp ACM Centre Speaker Subwoofer Issue

    Well the car is back in for head unit number 3 and the same software that they've been on since our last postings. I'll bet money that it doesn't fix it, and I'll stand in the Ford dealers and actually eat my shoe if it does fix it.