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  1. DJ_Andy_M

    DAB radio not working

    Try posting in the Kuga forum and not the Focus one as it will get picked up the guys who know about Kugas! I'm sure someone will be able to help you here anyway,
  2. DJ_Andy_M

    2016 SMAX Window washer alighment

    You've posted in the Focus forum not the SMax one!!
  3. DJ_Andy_M

    2015 Focus adaptive lighting problems

    I would push to get them replaced again under warranty as they aren't that old and two you're just outside of the window. I've had one done on my car, and touch wood has been fine since. I'd contact Ford Customer Relations directly about the issue as well because at the present time I could see this being a not fit for purpose claim under the sales of goods act although I'm hoping someone is going to correct me on this one.
  4. It's beyond their control now. It's reached their technical department. I've had data sent back to the USA and god knows what.
  5. Nope. Thankfully my dealer is next door to work pretty much and they're actually pretty decent.
  6. DJ_Andy_M

    Brake lights on

    The switch on the brake pedal needs to be replaced as it appears to be stuck in the on position.
  7. DJ_Andy_M

    issue with adaptive headlights

    Weird. Mine had an absolute fit. Kept trying to reset the light and everything. People kept thinking I was flashing them!
  8. DJ_Andy_M

    issue with adaptive headlights

    Your profile says you have a 2016. You should be able to get that replaced under warranty as you're on year 2 of 3. I've had it done myself also, ironically also the drivers one. Are you getting messages on the dash? Mine threw up numerous messages about headlight failure. Make sure they do a vertical realignment as you'll find the beam is set lower or higher than the other headlight. Its not hard to do yourself. Just requires a flat blade.
  9. Titanium X has the 10 speaker system with Sony as standard I think. I have Sync 2 and 10 speakers and an array of other sound issues... namely losing speakers randomly until the car has been left for a while. 2 years later and still no fix.
  10. DJ_Andy_M

    Air con condensation drain

    Nothing to worry about. The weather is humid creating more water than normal. If you're seeing water its working effectively.
  11. DJ_Andy_M

    Facelifting front end of mk3.....

    Correct. There are control modules in the headlights that will have kittens if they can't communicate with the rest of the car correctly. You've got to have the levelling sensors and god knows what else for them to work. This will include a BCM change I should think.
  12. DJ_Andy_M

    Laggy when pulling away - Terraclean / EGR?

    It could well be clogged up as you say if it hasn't seen any motorway miles since before you acquired it. No harm in a Terraclean anyway if that is the case. I found V-Power causes my car to regenerate a lot more frequently which was worrying vs BP Ultimate. You won't see any black smoke out the back as the DPF is catching all the carbon particles unless you're not burning diesel. Though, my car seems to have days of being sluggish like a teenager. Just depends on what the weather is doing I guess.
  13. DJ_Andy_M

    Laggy when pulling away - Terraclean / EGR?

    There has been several software updates to cure issues like this. Depending on what month your car was made you may still have a tiny bit of warranty left on it. Looking at the mileage and age of the car it may have not been used for motorways and therefore gummed up with crap. Give it some BP Ultimate (Not Shell V-Power, I found my engine doesn't like it) and give it a good blast through the revs up the motorway for half an hour. It also will adapt to your driving style over time apparently according to what my dealer told me. It's to do with the Ford Ecomode, and they can reset the figures which can cause it to go back to being a bit sluggish. Failing that, when was the last service done? It should have been done at 12500 with the next one due at 25000. My 2015 1.5 is on 64k now and still flies like poo off a stick, yet a couple of the 2017 1.5 loaners we had at work were sluggish too apparently.
  14. DJ_Andy_M

    Sorry But.......

  15. DJ_Andy_M

    Really sharp brakes

    You just have to get used to them, and bit a little less heavy footed. I love that my focus will stop dead when I need it to, though I wish I had transit brakes when I have heavy loads in the back as they are awesome when fully loaded.