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  1. Upgraded From F5 Map to F6 Map !!!

    Sync 3 doesn't use SD cards for maps.
  2. Strange plug

    I'm wondering being down that low if it has anything to do with adaptive cruise control....
  3. LED DRLs

    It should do the following. Unlock the car - Sidelights/LED will come on. Open the door after unlock - They stay on until you close the door. Turn the car off after a journey - They will switch off with the ignition until you open the door of which they will go off again when you close the door, unless you have auto headlights with the "coming home" or delay turned on where the headlights will stay on too for x amount of seconds after you shut the door. Mine is set at 20 seconds.
  4. DPF Soot Loading FORScan

    That should be more than enough for it to trigger its own regen at some point. I do 60 miles a day mostly A Roads, and sometimes it'll choose to do it just as I get to work. So if I catch it coming off the A303 I'll do high revs between the junction and work and 9 times out of 10 this tends to be enough for it to complete.
  5. That might explain the weird mechanical noises I hear when I've been in the car for a while eating my Maccy D's!
  6. Auto Headlights

    Actually it is a part of the rain sensor on the MK3/3.5.....
  7. Adaptive Lighting Malfunctioning

    Your dealer are idiots. Mine was constantly resetting itself when stationary too, and throwing an error up on the dash. New headlight fixed it, problem solved.
  8. Rear Light question MK3.5

    Focccus and ELMConfig don't work with most of the MK3.5's at present. I think Forscan is your only option atm.
  9. Makes me wonder if they have disabled the shutter completely on my car then because I'm running the latest PCM updates. How could I tell?
  10. Focus 2014 1.5tdci recall

    If they fit a non-genuine part then they just voided your warranty pretty much on the repair I'm sure.
  11. Rear Light question MK3.5

    I think they are fairly plug and play, but you do need to tell the car you have LED tail lights, which will also require the LED running lights on the front as AFAIK the computer will turn off the front sidelights and/or throw an error about faulty lights. I might be wrong however.
  12. DPF Soot Loading FORScan

    You shouldn't notice your car starting or stopping a regen at speed. It's noticeable when you're stationary though. I know with my 1.5tdci she purrs a bit, the revs at idle are up and you can feel it in the steering wheel.
  13. Retrofit auto lights on a 2015 Ford Focus

    Instead of crashing another topic with an unrelated problem, please start a new topic. Thank you.
  14. Focus 2014 1.5tdci recall

    I've had it done. No issues. There was a TSB about it, they should be replacing all the parts and carrying out the work as per the TSB.
  15. BI Headlight condensation

    I haven't looked recently but I'm pretty sure mine are, or at least one is because I had one changed.