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  1. Headlight problem

    Sounds like you need a relay change. The MK1 uses H4 bulbs the MK1.5 uses H7 and H1 bulbs thus no need for the relay.
  2. Titanium X HELP - Dashboard Dial Light OFF

    Yep it won't cost a thing as long as its not been done maliciously. I've had mine go back inexcess of 10 times in 3 years for work.
  3. Titanium X HELP - Dashboard Dial Light OFF

    Did you follow my advice above and take it back to Ford for a software update? You've got just over a month before the warranty runs out. This is an issue with the cluster. Potentially just a software update will fix it but could mean a new set of clocks.
  4. MK3.5 - Auto lock and horn when locking

    Have you ever been to Walmart in the states? It's toot heaven as I think most cars out there do it. I'd love to have this feature too but I'm sure at 2am when I get back from a gig my neighbours probably wouldn't appreciate this, plus actually after 11:30 it is illegal to toot your horn without good reason I believe.
  5. Service message re-set.

    Are you getting a "Service Now" message or an "oil change required" message? The two have completely different meanings.
  6. Can a Focus open/close in 'dark state'

    The BCM controls most of the car's features, you're likely to cause upset by doing that.
  7. parking sensors and rain

    I've recently had one of my front ones going red in slow traffic. Seems to have stopped again now though. What I do find interesting is that other cars with similar systems can set them off from quite a distance. I was next to someone with a merc and both of our screens lit up with red sensor warnings at the same time yet we were far enough apart that typically the sensors wouldn't normally pick something up.
  8. Question for Mk3 (2011-2014) owners

    That is what a forum is for and how you use it. What you have posted is completely off topic and completely irrelevant to the thread and conversation in hand. Either use the search to see if any other posts or topics exist in relation to your questions or start a new topic so that it is easier to find later for other people who have similar questions to you.
  9. Question for Mk3 (2011-2014) owners

    Please start a new topic not gatecrash another one :)
  10. Question for Mk3 (2011-2014) owners

    If the engine is out of gear and handbrake off and it starts to move when in stopped mode it detects the movement and will start the engine again.
  11. Active city stop - anyone tested?

    I do the speed limit. Nout wrong with that.
  12. Adaptive cruise control

    Wish I had that on my Tit X. Might retro fit it now I'm out of warranty.
  13. Focus MK3 screen washer pathetic!!

    I've been using Halfraud's £4.50 5L berry screen wash since I bought mine. Never had an issues, even in the cold weather.