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  1. So... I have moved to Vancouver, BC... Gone is my beautiful 2015 Tit X and replaced with this.... 2004 Focus ZX3... 3-door 2.0 blacktop Zetec-R She needs a bit of work doing but otherwise fairly happy with it. 2.0L Zetec Blacktop Manual gear box 213,000km on the clock Silver of some description. I need to check ETIS icon_smile_ninja.gif Project list: - New headlights - Current ones are trash and no amount of sanding and coating is going to save them. *Waiting for delivery* - New rotors and pads - They work, but vibrate a bit. Done in 2016 so need doing again. - Rotate/Replace rear spring - I think it was put back wrong after shocks were done, same noise/problem my old MK3 UK Mondeo had. - EML is on - Suspect O2/MAF as she was running a tad rich before it came on. Now doesn't smell so bad after it's come on weirdly. - Potential new timing belt - No history on this one so better safe than sorry. - All season tires so I can get up the mountains in the snow - Move DRLs to high beams/fog lights or just another method altogether as burning low beams all day is a joke. - Repaint some rusty bits that have been poorly dealt with.
  2. Interestingly although its reporting this error, starting the car without brake is fine, and actually I can't start the engine without first pushing the clutch like normal.
  3. I did think this would be more logical than the battery. Is this an easy part to replace if I was to go to a Ford parts place tomorrow?
  4. So the auto start/stop decided to pack up last week but it doesn't seem to be throwing any error lights on the button or grey A symbol on the dashboard. The only thing I can find in the error codes is the attached image (P0830 - Clutch Pedal Switch A circuit), Then the other day, the hill assist randomly decided that it wasn't going to work and threw an error on the dash board saying it was unavailable. Restarting the car made this go away and I haven't seen it since. Is the battery on the way out? If it is, i'll need to get one sharpish tomorrow morning as the car is being picked up by its new owner!
  5. The headlights need to be coded to the car. Its not as simple as rip and replace like in the good old days. Also the chances are you'll need to start replacing modules to support the new xenon headlights as they are a lot smarter than the original MK3 ones, they move with the steering and adjust the beam pattern so require the camera in the windscreen to operate properly as they are adaptive.
  6. For reference, you have a MK2.5 model. The MK3 came in 2011 (Pictured below) with a complete body redesign, and a new head unit and sync.
  7. They are way too bright for reflector housings at 8000/9000 lumens. You'll be dazzling everyone. plus it is not legal to fit these in reflectors anyway due to the dip pattern being sprayed like feck with that amount of light.
  8. If you have LED running lights on the front you'll have LED tail lights. All cars come fitted with the dual filament bulbs regardless of LED or not. Saves on loom costs! I have LED on my estate but the brake tail light is only used for braking. Can you get a picture up of your rear lights on so we can determine what you have?
  9. Really bad advice I'm afraid. The system in the 2015 Focus is not the same as the one in the 2012 Focus. Also software updates won't make any difference to the connectivity with Sync 2. Its a limitation of the SYNC modules themselves.
  10. Sync 2 does not support any device that IS NOT a mass storage device or something that talks Apple iPod. The USB ports are not designed for charging devices as the power output is limited to the USB 2.0 specification of 500mA. Sat-navs and Samsung Galaxy S9 devices require a minimum of 1A to be able to charge successfully.
  11. DJ_Andy_M


    Not all Bluetooth modules on the MK2 allow for bluetooth music or USB connectivity. Your module may have been changed. Also, the USB will not connect to the car because the phone needs to be in mass storage mode so that the radio sees it like a memory stick. Have you tried a memory stick and see if that works?
  12. The orange door light will go out after a certain period of time when the car shuts down certain electronics.
  13. Could be down to the station not outputting them. They don't all do it. Kiss FM are a fine example of this. And when they do put them out they are generally wrong.
  14. Please be aware that the 1.6TDCi from the MK2 is not the same 1.6TDCi in the MK3. Injector problems and turbo problems were common on the old 16 valve engine. The MK3 is an 8 valve engine. I've not seen or heard anything about injectors on these newer engines. The 1.5 was introduced with the MK3 facelift and is based off of the 1.6. I've done 72,000 miles on my 1.5. Had the sprocket recall done. I'll tell you something, she's been a joy to drive. Absolutely no issues so far with it touch wood. Some say its a bit slow to pull away, but I disagree.
  15. Good luck passing your MOT.
  16. The dreaded 1.6tdci 16v.... Get it on a code reader.
  17. A little update. Following my last call where I passed over the TSB number issued for RS owners to upgrade I have been still denied it is possible, followed by them contacting the RS Sync 3 team to then have it be denied again. They are still claiming some difference in the RS that makes this upgrade possible only specific to that car. The problem clearly lies in the software, and judging but a comment I received on one of my YouTube videos the problem is the touch screen which of course running Sync 2/Windows is not being developed anymore.
  18. I drove a Hyundai Elantra SE in Canada (Basically the i20 I believe in saloon format) and actually it wasn't too bad. Dashboard isn't as exciting as my MK3.5 but I certainly wouldn't say no to one if offered again.
  19. 2002 Focus has the Zetec engine. Have you taken your idle control valve off and given that a clean? These used to be notorious on the Escort for causing this issue!
  20. I recall reading somewhere that there was a software update issued for this issue. Take it to Ford and ask them to upgrade your modules as there would have been many since 2017, and as your car is still under warranty might as well get it done for free.
  21. Had issues with my EGR on my MK2.5. They replaced the valve in end but I'm sure a clean will do the trick.
  22. Your car is under warranty. Book it in with a Ford dealer.
  23. Use due caution on the DV6 / 16V 1.6TDCi with a Terraclean. I had mine done to sort the DPF out and the terraclean removed carbon plugging something or stopping something from leaking oil into places it shouldn't which in turn I think contributed to my beautiful engine runaway that I suffered.
  24. Not only that so far from the cars that I have seen with these lamps fitted they are bright enough to cause glare but to see where you are going? Forget about it. They look like you've just got fog lights on.
  25. Do you have the bi-xenon headlights? They are a bit more complex than the standard halogen ones. Changing to "other headlamps" could cause even more problems than its worth.
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