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  1. So with my ongoing battle over my Sync 2 10 speaker system and my centre/sub speakers constantly cutting out after having software fixes applied to try and fix the random white noise issue which has been widely reported globally on other forums.. Ford Technical are telling my case handler that it is not possible to replace Sync 2 with Sync 3 due to some compatibility with software and other modules in the car. Obviously there are guides etc for doing this yourself, but why should I have to spend out that amount of money to self-remedy a problem that should have been fixed under warranty almost 2 years ago? They are now going to send a specialist Sync engineer to look at the car after having technical staff witness this, having the touch screen replaced twice, a new head unit, new speakers, wiring replacements and many wiring checks. I have also had a comment on one of my videos that I shared on YouTube that this is a software bug in Sync 2. Is this just a cop out? Can anyone offer any advice? Thank you, Andy
  2. DJ_Andy_M

    Warranty Sync 2 to 3 Upgrade "not possible"

    Any chance you can provide me some official documentation privately for this so I can go back to them? You work for a Ford dealer don't you?
  3. DJ_Andy_M

    Headlight malfunction - MK3 TitX

    That's the problem, CANBUS LEDs have a resistor to fake the load a normal bulb would create this could have shorted or created too much load.
  4. DJ_Andy_M

    Engine Malfunction - Under load 1.6 TDCI

    Potentially also the EGR valve could be a cause of this too. I had similar issues like this without error codes and it was narrowed down to the EGR valve eventually.
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    Still needs fluid to keep the parts mobile and friction free.
  6. DJ_Andy_M

    Headlight malfunction - MK3 TitX

    You need to get a code reader on the car and pull out the error code it has generated. Sounds like your LEDs have potentially blown the controller board which means a new headlight.
  7. DJ_Andy_M

    Sync issue

    Sync touch screen (APIM) and Radio (AHU) are on different fuses. Try a reboot of the APIM by pulling fuse F67 which is row 2, fuse 3 on the passenger footwell fuse box. There's a graphical image of the fuse box in the manual if you're not sure.
  8. DJ_Andy_M

    bi xenons on my titanium x

    Be careful purchasing off of eBay and Amazon as there are a lot of fakes on there at the present time. I think I went for the Osram Xenarc branded whiter ones. Can't remember the exact name.
  9. DJ_Andy_M

    Which SD card for sat nav?

    And you just bumped a very old topic for no reason. Welcome to the forum!
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    Regardless of if you gain from it, its still an MOT failure.
  11. You'll probably need to get the DPF cleaned. Lucky for you the car has a cDPF rather than the old style that needed the eloys fluid on that model so that shouldn't be too hard to get done and should carry on working.
  12. DJ_Andy_M

    Power folding mirrors

    Have you tried Forscan?
  13. DJ_Andy_M

    DPF Help / Advice

    The DPF on the 2008 is an absolute nightmare as it uses the eloys fluid so make sure that hasn't run out too after you get the DPF sorted otherwise it'll just block up again very quickly. Plus you've got the 1.6 TDCi, these engines need regular oil changes of about 6000 miles and not the service book's 12500 to keep them in good running order. Learned the hard way with my engine.
  14. DJ_Andy_M

    Retrofit reversing camera to Mk4?

    Or don't be a cheapskate and get it fitted from factory. If you're going to go for a brand new car, why void the warranty doing this as that is what you will do?
  15. DJ_Andy_M

    EGR valve opinions please

    Good luck with the MOT. Pretty sure they check for these now. I had my EGR replaced on my old 1.6TDCi. They are a pain granted, but if you're doing short journeys this doesn't help them like it doesn't help the DPF on these cars either.
  16. DJ_Andy_M

    Autobeam led headlights.

    LED in an reflector headlamp housing is going to be an instant MOT fail and earn you pulling points with which ever plod we have left in the country. The chips will not disperse the light in the same was a halogen bulb and never will. Just because people aren't flashing at you doesn't mean they are OK to use. The output from aftermarket LEDs are going to be no where near that of a proper LED headlight setup out of the factory or a proper bulb.
  17. DJ_Andy_M

    focus zetec s 1.5 tdci

    My advice. Don't p*ss about with the exhaust system. You have a DPF and any modification could cause you issues with regeneration and back pressure which in turn cause other nasty issues. Oh and removal of the DPF is illegal.
  18. DJ_Andy_M

    FORD Focus Headlight

    Also, the intensity that they already are is per the Europe specification of DRL which is bright enough to compete with the sun. Chances are you could also fail your MOT too for modifying them.
  19. DJ_Andy_M

    2012 mk3 titanium x drl wiring

    +1 on this. Trying to figure this out along with how I could wire some lights into my non existent sidelights as rear lights are also LED on my car.
  20. DJ_Andy_M

    Ford Focus Titanium X Adaptive headlight Problems

    I also had a problem with my adaptive headlight too. They replaced it under warranty very quickly.
  21. DJ_Andy_M

    Ford Focus Titanium X Adaptive headlight Problems

    Contact Ford Customer Relation Centre and open a case up with them. They will work with the dealer and get on their case to solve the problem, and keep on at them also. I get weekly calls from my case handler regarding my Sync 2 issue. 020 3564 4444 - Option 3.
  22. Not always. Mine seem to trigger every time I drive at the bush in my car park when i get home and also when someone rides to close to me at low speed going forwards in a queue, also had a car next to me at some distance set them off and mine set his off too. Quite amusing.
  23. DJ_Andy_M

    All new focus Vignale; rattling and wind noise

    And the rattle from the bass is pretty normal too. Its bass, it rattles everything if you hit the resonant frequency of that particular object no matter how hard you try and prevent it.
  24. DJ_Andy_M

    dpf regeneration i think

    Hill start has got absolutely nothing to do with clutch or DPF. It just applies the brakes for a few seconds to allow you to pull away without using the hand brake. Your pull away issue sounds more like driver error. The EGR valve closes over 2000 rpm. You shouldn't be seeing smoke on a DPF regen either unless its very backed up. And white smoke is generally a sign of diesel not being burnt which is another problem entirely. Do you guys do motorway runs at least once a week? Do you only do short journeys? Short journeys and DPFs/EGRs do not play well together. The DPF gets full up quickly, and the EGR valve so will get caked up
  25. DJ_Andy_M

    bi xenons on my titanium x

    This is normal. "Day Running Lights" are on the front only in positon 0. Position 1 is sidelights/parking lights which in some countries it used to be you had to switch these on at night when parked. Not sure if anyone does this anymore though.