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  1. Upnorth

    Fiesta Mk7 Wind Deflectors

    This is the box that the Ford wind deflectors come in and there made by ????? Answers on a postcard.
  2. Upnorth

    Fiesta Mk7 Wind Deflectors

    No clips or glue on the Clima ones from Ford, once there fitted they are solid, just need to work the window up and down 5 times as per instructions to bed them in,take the window up first time slowly as you may need to readjust slightly as i did,once they have been in for a few days with the windows shut they should settle in nicely.
  3. Upnorth

    Fiesta Mk7 Wind Deflectors

    Just picked up a set of front wind deflectors from ford main dealer,Clima profi tinted,finnis code,1555768,fitted in 15mins.£34+vat. Makes a big difference to the look of the car, am well chuffed, now whats next.
  4. Hi Stephen,when the garage were looking at the car did they do a compression test on each cylinder, as you mentioned in the first post you only got half a litre of oil out of the sump,thats not enough oil to lube all the moving parts,theres probably a good chance your piston rings are now worn depending how long it's been used without oil.With half a litre of oil your lucky it still goes at all.
  5. Hello all,just signed up tonight to the forum having just bought a 61 plate fiesta titanium 1.4 tdci in panther black with 5900 miles, only had it ten days and put a 1000 miles on it already,what a fab wee car,and the sony sound system is the best ive heard from a factory fit unit,been looking around the site and some of you guys have done some great work to your cars, well done,anyway am off to explore the fiesta forum for some ideas,be posting soon. Alan.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Upnorth :)