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  1. Police Motorway Speed Vans

    That's what I was hoping, but then they only really need to look at the 2 fast lanes.
  2. Hi guys, Just a quick question for those in the know! I just went under a bridge on the M40 with a police van doing speed checks, I was definitely going over the limit (no fault but my own). But my question is, do they check both sides of the motorway? The van was over the opposite side of the motorway on the furthest side of the bridge. However I could clearly see the blacked out window from where I was. (Had a merc up my backside, thought I'd quickly speed up and pass the car on my left to let him through, then looked up to see the police van...) Cheers for the help, Dan
  3. Cheers for the replies. That one looks OK, but from the looks of things it's a refurb too. I know this is probably one of those "how long is a piece if string" answers, but has anyone refurbed an alloy and got an idea of the price?
  4. Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is the right section or not. I was forced into the curb by an inconsiderate oncoming driver, and now have gutter rash going all the way round the front left alloy. It only touched the curb for a second, but due to the speed it's curbed the lot. I know it's no real damage to performance, but it is annoying me already. So either I fix it or replace it; and I think from the damage, it would be cheaper to replace, but just not at Fords prices. Has anyone got one of these kicking around: Cheers Dan
  5. Can You Recemend A Good Glass Cleaner

  6. Mk7 Bluetooth Component

    From which one?
  7. What Lowering Springs??????

    How much did the 30mm springs affect the ride? Is it a lot firmer than the factory Zetec S/S1600 springs? I think it looks 100% better, but I wouldn't be willing to sacrifice any comfort for it.
  8. Reb - New To The Forums!

    A few pictures from Tuesday evening outside the shooting range:
  9. Reb - New To The Forums!

    I always wanted the frozen white version. The black one happened to come with the leather interior! Also it still looks very smart in my opinion :)
  10. Reb - New To The Forums!

    Thank you! What does everyone think of my Vinyl wrap idea/design. I really like the look of the Rockstar Fiesta, but I think I'd look a right tit rolling up to the office in something like that!
  11. Reb - New To The Forums!

    Hmmm... I'll trial it for another week and see what I think, though if anyone is interested just give me a shout.
  12. Reb - New To The Forums!

    Very jealous! On another note, I think the Boomerang arm rest has to go... It's way to awkward to use in traffic. Which is a shame because I like the looks and it's nice on the motorway.
  13. Reb - New To The Forums!

    Very nice! I take it you have a metal now?
  14. Reb - New To The Forums!

    Believe me, I would love a Metal! I just can't justify the price tag on those things.
  15. Reb - New To The Forums!

    Thanks! It's definitely worth it. Even the other half commented on them when she got in and thats coming from someone who has no interest in anything unless it has 4 legs and whineys. The Zetec S comes with sweet jack all. I'm starting to wish I went with the S1600 like I originally planned. It was just a bit lairy for me! If it came in plain black or frozen white... Spot on.