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  1. I'm just wondering if any of you fellow fordy owners are pc gamers of so what have you got and what do most of you play Link below is my custom build http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/T7nKWZ
  2. Here we have my 1.6l metal edition fiesta sporting a few subtle mods and some unsubtle ones Pipercross induction kit Custom sunstrip Full blue led smd interior lighting Mountune manifold and sports cat with a custom powerflow back box with oval tip And unfortunately it stops there I'd love to more to the car but I don't want to as it's cost me heaps in repairs from leaking driveshafts to gear linkage replacement. There is also a second factor as I'm keen to get back into a focus in the near future (again) this time being a facelift mk2 st3.
  3. Been a while since I have been on here but since I last posted my passenger wing mirror was kicked off and someone has keyed the driver side of the car
  4. That's james stunt married to burnie ecclestons daughter and he is also a billionaire
  5. Happy Birthday k13r4n!

  6. I went from a focus titanium to a golf gti then to my metal edition and when I first got it wow if felt tiny and sometimes still does but it handles much better and now I'm settled in its like I have my own wee cockpit
  7. Might be 2 can't remember but it won't need cut
  8. You have to cut the standard exhaust to get out but the milltek is in 3 pieces so it will fit no problem
  9. The cat is attached to the manifold so you will need the 4-2-1 as it's the same as the metal edition
  10. Ok was thinking of keeping it genuine and will it need any reprogramming at all or should it be plug and play
  11. Ok guy I'm wondering how easy or not a rear view camera would be to retro fit such as the pictures attached
  12. It's not letting me post the url to YouTube for my video someone help