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  1. The 6000CD audio system did never support DAB On the Focus MK2.5 DAB was only available on the premium Sony branded GEN3 single CD / 6-CD DAB audio systems.
  2. A Fiesta MK6/MK6.5 has a different rear windscreen than you Fusion. You specifically need to search for a Fusion rear windscreen.
  3. Be aware that the ABS pump contains a fair amount of old brake fluid. To change the brake fluid properly you have to activate the valves of the ABS pump using a suitable diagnostic system during the procedure. Also be aware that changing the brake fluid by flushing requires quite a lot of fresh brake fluid. During the flushing procedure the old brake fluid mixes with the new fresh brake fluid. It will take at least 3 Litres of fresh brake fluide before all of the old brake fluid is flushed out. I personally prefer to drain as much as possible of the old brake fluid out of the system before flushing/filling/bleeding the system with fresh brake fluid. On older cars I always use a pressure bleeder. On more modern cars (Focus MK3 onwards) there is no need to use a pressure bleeder. These cars have the ability to bleed the brake system using the ABS pump and a suitable diagnostic system.
  4. The Focus MK3 uses a so called GEN2 wheel bearings at the front. On a GEN2 wheel bearing the bearing is an integral part of the wheel hub. This means that in case of a defective wheel bearing the complete wheel hub needs to be replaced. GEN2 wheel bearings require special tools for both disassembly and assembly of the hub from the hub carrier. With GEN2 bearings a hydraulic workshop press does not bring much. Most GEN2 toolkits use a threaded rod to pull the bearing into the hub carrier. Some professional toolkits use a hydraulic ram. Be aware that GEN2 bearings are not standardized. Most car manufactures that use this bearing/wheel hub design have their own dimensions. This means that you need a specific GEN2 toolkit that is suitable for the Focus MK3 bearings.
  5. In that case you have the wrong SD card. The SD card you have is for the Ford MFD satnav system that is used on the Focus MK3. The Focus Mk2.5 did have the Travelpilot FX (non touch screen) or Travelpilot NX (touch screen) satnav system. Since both the Travelpilot FX and NX use a different SD card you need to buy the correct SD card for the system you have.
  6. The Ford dealer is correct. The original optional Focus MK4 CD-player inside the glovebox is only available as a factory fitted option. Unlike the Fiesta MK8 CD-player the Focus MK4 CD-player is not available as a Ford accessoire for retrofitting. As far as I know there are 2 reasons for this. The CD-player wiring is not seperately available which basically means that the complete dashboard wiring harness needs to be replaced. The biggest problem however is activating the CD-player in the vehicle software. Until now the configuration parameters for the CD-player are simply unknown. Until now I have not seen or heard of a succesful retrofit.
  7. The 1.0 ECOboost is covered by a goodwill program. In case of engine damage as a result of loss of coolant/overheating the repair will be covered for 100% by the goodwill program. The goodwill program is a Ford UK initiative. Most other countries do not have such a goodwill program. More information of the goodwill program for the 1.0 ECOboost can be found on the following website: FAQs - Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions | Ford UK If the previous engine replacement was covered by the goodwill program there will be a 12 Month warranty on the repair. However as far as I am aware this warranty is only applicable to the parts that have been replaced during the repair. If any other part is causing the loss of coolant it will not be covered by the warranty.
  8. The symptoms indicate that clutch slip is detected. The PCM has the speed/RPM ratio programmed into the software for each gear. If the clutch is worn and starts slipping (which usually starts occurring in highest gear) the speed/RPM ratio does no longer match. As a result of this the PCM will disable the cruise control and reduce power to prevent the clutch from overheating. I have also seen this exact same symptoms on a car that had the gearbox replaced. The installed gearbox did have an incorrect 6th gear ratio compared to the original gearbox.
  9. On a 2011 Focus the module you describe is most likely the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module. This module is installed behing the heater control panel and is secured with a single screw. To gain access to the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module you need to remove the audio system and the heater control panel. However to remove the heater control panel you also have to remove the floor console side panel and the gearshift surround panel to reveal the hidden screws of the heater control panel.
  10. Travelpilot FX is Focus MK2.5 Just remove the radio, disconnect the GPS antenna, connect a new GPS antenna and reinstall the radio. For good GPS reception I recommend to install the GPS antenna inside the A-pillar cover.
  11. Caliper bracket to wheel knuckle = 175 Nm. Caliper sliding pin to caliper bracket = 28 Nm. Be aware that these bolts are installed at the factory with Loctite. Excessive force may be required to remove the bolts.
  12. There is no way to tell whether a Ford smart alternator is working or not just by the charging voltage. The smart alternator is fully controlled by the PCM using a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal. This basically means that the PCM decides when and how much the battery is being charged. The system is primarily designed to improve fuel economy. It is basically a compromise between fuel economy and battery health. Below just some characteristics of the system: * During acceleration the alternator is not charging at all to improve performance. * During deceleration the alternator is fully charging (regenerative charging). * If the SoC (State of Charge) is near the treshold value the battery will not be charged at all unless there is a big electrical power demand. In my opinion the only dependable way to determine whether a Ford smart alternator is working correctly or not is by comparing the charge request of the PCM (either by diagnostics or by analyzing the PWM signal) with the actual output of the alternator.
  13. A 2011 Focus can either be a Focus MK2.5 or a Focus MK3. The GPS antenna base for the Focus MK2.5 is no longer available. The MK2.5 GPS antenna base is discontinued and replaced by a conversion kit. The conversion kit consists of a new non gps antenna base, a gps antenna that is installed inside the car and the required wiring. The conversion kit is pretty expensive. It is much cheaper to use an universal GPS antenna with Fakra connector. The GPS antenna base for the Focus MK3 are still available.
  14. Definition: Turbocharger/Supercharger Boost Control A Performance Description: This DTC sets when the difference between the actual manifold absolute pressure (MAP) value and the desired MAP value is greater than a calibrated threshold when the monitor runs at engine idle. This basically means that the MAP sensor does not measure the amount of boost that is requested/controlled by the PCM. There are several things that can cause this DTC code. For example: * Defective MAP sensor. * Turbocharger damage. * Defective turbocharger wastegate valve. * Defective vacuum pump (the wastegate is vacuum controlled). * Defective vacuum hoses. * Defective boost solenoid. Further diagnostics and investigation is required to find the cause.
  15. This pioneer AVIC F9220BT audio system is an aftermarket Ford specific audio system. It is basically just a generic Pioneer audio system that has a vehicle specific front. This system was available from Ford as an approved aftermarket accessoire. Electronically the F9220BT is just an aftermarket Pioneer audio system without Ford specific CANbus communication capabilities. This audio system is not capable to communicate with the Convers+ instrument cluster.
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