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  1. Based on the information shown on the topicstarters profile he has a 2017 Focus MK3.5. The Focus MK3.5 has the old 4-Cilinder 1.5 ECOboost (Sigma GTDI). This engine was designed for low emissions and fuel economy and performance wise this engine has a major weakness. The 1.5 Sigma GTDI engine has a watercooled intercooler instead of the common aircooled intercooler. The watercooled intercooler system shares the reservoir with the engine cooling system. This basically means that warm engine coolant is used to cool the charged air. This is way less efficient than an aircooled intercooler.
  2. It is very difficult to diagnose turbocharger problems over the internet. However a whining noise from the turbocharger is a well known indication of a failed turbocharger. The fact that the turbocharger makes a whining noise and there is a serious lack of power both indicate that the turbocharger has failed. I recommend to inspect all pipes, hoses and other parts between the turbocharger and the throttle body for air leaks (loose hoses/clamps and cracked/ruptured parts). If no air leaks are found the problem is usually the turbocharger itself.
  3. Turbocharger failure is not a common problem on the 1.0 ECOboost. If the turbocharger fails on this engine there is usually another problem that caused the turbocharger to fail. For example oil starvation caused by particles of the disintegrated wetbelts. If the turbocharger has failed the cause of the failure should always be investigated and corrected. Just installing a new turbocharger may well result in failure of the new turbocharger also. Pumaspeed sells used low mileage (£270.00) , remanufactured (£450.00) and new £630.00) original turbochargers for the 1.0 ECOboost. These
  4. C6 on a Fiesta = Color Code C = Ocean Blue I also checked the VIN number on Ford Etis and this confirmed that this car is Ocean Blue.
  5. These are not the connectors for the heated windscreen. These are the connector for the windscreen wiper motors.
  6. The switch is integrated into the lock mechanism. Inside the lock mechanism there is a microswitch that is operated by the lock mechanism. It is a well known problem that during time the grease inside the lock hardens. The hardened grease prevents the microswitch from switching. If this is the case the problem can easily be solved by disassembling the lock mechanism, Removing the old/hardened grease and regreasing the lock mechanism using a thin, non hardening and temperature resistant grease.
  7. The original Focus MK3 heated windscreen relay has the following specifications: 4 Blade Terminal, 70 AMP, Mini, Power, Tyco From: 03-01-2011 With Heated Windscreen Finis number: 1425754 Part number: 5M5T-14B192-EA This is not a timer relay. Heated windscreen timer relays were used on older Ford models like for example the Ford Escort MK6/MK7. On modern Ford models the timer functionality is electronically controlled. In case of the Focus MK3 the heated windscreen and rear screen timer functionality is fully controlled by the BCM.
  8. Unlimited free car wash (exterior only) was a Ford offer (at least it was in the Netherlands) for all Vignale owners. In the Netherlands the unlimited free car wash was discontinued some time ago just like most other benefits that Vignale owners had.
  9. Since a 60 plate was used from 01-09-2010 up to 26-02-2011 it is perfectly possible for a very early MK3 to have a 60 plate. Especially the very early examples that were used by national Ford organisations for commercial/advertising purposes and introduction to the media do often have a very early registration. The Focus from the picture above with license number EK60XKJ was produced on 29-01-2011 and licensed on 04-02-2011
  10. 2010 must be a MK2.5 (MK2 facelift). The production of the Focus MK3 officially started at 01-03-2011 for pre-orders and dealer stock vehicles. The official launch date of the Focus MK3 was 02-03-2011
  11. Replacing the wetbelts on a 1.0 ECOboost engine is a pretty labour intensive job. Especially on a smaller car like the Fiesta with limited working space. £1100 may seem a lot of money but is fully justified by the major amount of work and the large amount of (expensive) special tools that are required to perform this job. If the car still suits you and is in good technical condition I do not see any reason to not change the wetbelts. If you do decide to sell the car you have to take into account that the fact that the wetbelts are due to be changed will seriously affect the value of the c
  12. The crankshaft pulley bolt is tightened using the torque multiplier to 300 mm + 82.5 degrees angle at the output shaft of the torque multiplier. The torque multiplier makes it easier to achieve this but is not really necessary. A decent torque wrench and a long breaker bar combined with a torque angle gauge will also do the job. The maximum allowable distortion of the mating face of the cilinder head is 0,05 mm. This is not particularly small. All other Focus MK3 Petrol engines do also have a maximum allowable distortion of the mating face of the cilinder head of 0,05 mm. The Fo
  13. Below a picture of the Bosstow towbar for the ST-Line: This is known to be the only towbar that does not require a cutout. The disadvantage is that this towbar is very low above the ground. I suggest to read the following topic (including several links and pictures) at the Dutch focusclub: Trekhaak S-Line bumper | Focusclub.nl
  14. Before even considering this you should be aware that the whole process involves a serious amount of money. The total costs to get everything up and running perfectly can easily be multiple times the value of the car. A 2.5 ST conversion will be both cheaper and results in more power. A complete totalled/scrap Focus ST with running engine can be found for low prices these days. In case of a supercharger or turbocharger setup you need to consider the following things: * Custom build intake manifold which is capable to handle the pressure. The stock plastic intake manifold is not s
  15. On the 1.0 ECOboost engine oil inside the spark plug wells is usually caused by a defective cam cover gasket or a cracked cam cover. In your case the gasket is already replaced and can considered to be OK. However did you also inspect the cam cover for cracks? On a 1.0 ECOboost engine a cracked cam cover is quite common. Since in most cases the cracks are very small (microcracks) it can be very difficult to diagnose. You should also check the cylinder head thoroughly for (micro)cracks. On the 1.0 ECOboost a defective head gasket is usually the result of overheating (which is unfortunately
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