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  1. You can ignore it but in that case I strongly recommend to start saving some money for a new transmission. It is a much better idea to just diagnose what the problem is and just solve the problem.
  2. The Powershift gearbox is basically a computer operated manual gearbox. The dual clutch principle makes it possible to preselect the next gear (that is expected by the computer) while another gear is engaged. This makes very fast gear changes possible. Being a computer operated manual gearbox the clutches (usually reffered to as clutch pack) are subjective to wear and tear. When shifting the computer controls the clutches and allows a certain amount of clutch slip to obtain the feeling/characteristic of a conventional full automatic gearbox. This is known to cause excessive clutch wear. The latest available software will reduce the clutch wear a little bit but can not prevent it. Because of the problems with the Powershift (often called Powershit) transmissions Ford replaced most of the Powershift gearboxes by conventional torque convertor full automatic transmissions.
  3. Being subjected to wear and tear a clutch is usually not covered by any warranty unless there is an actual defect that resulted in clutch failure. It is virtually impossible to say how long the clutch should last. It all depends on driving conditions and driving style of the driver. Clutch wear however is known to be quite common on many types of the Powershift transmission. This is just a characteristic of this type of transmission. A software update will reduce the wear of the clutch by reducing clutch slip and engine power during gear changes but is no solution for a clutch that is already worn. Being a characteristic of this type of transmission the wear of the clutch can be considered as normal wear and tear. From this point of view I suspect that the clutch will not be covered by any warranty.
  4. On the Focus MK3 /MK3.5 the speed signal is only available as a digital CANbus signal. There is no analog signal that can be used to switch a relay with a simple circuitry that counts speed pulses to switch the relay. All speed depending functions are CANbus controlled. This is why I built myself an arduino based CANbus relay. This relay constantly listens to the communication on the CANbus network. If the reverse gear is selected or the PDC or Active Park Assist buttons are pressed the power to the rear view camera is switched on. If the vehicle reaches a speed of 15 KM/H or after 3 minutes (unless the reverse gear remains engaged) the power to the rear view camera is switched off. The main reason why I built the CANbus relay is because I do not like to have the rear view camera powered on constantly while the ignition is switched on. This usually reduces the life expectancy of the (Chinese) rear view camera drastically. By the way I am currently developing a more advanced version of my CANbus relay that has the ability to control both a rear view camera and a front camera. The image of the rear view camera is displayed when the reverse gear is selected. The display of the front camera is displayed when the 1st gear is selected. Next to this it is also possible to switch between the camera images by pressing the PDC button. Another functionality I am working on is an overlay that projects active parking lines based on steering angle on top of the camera image.
  5. Be aware that the expected production date can change without any notification. If parts needed for options of the car that are not available because of part shortage or put on hold because of technical reasons the production date can be delayed for undefined time. There are several examples of people who had to wait over 8 months for delivery of their Focus MK4. Another thing that can delay the production date is the factory holiday. The factory is completely closed for a period of 3 weeks. This usually results in approximately a 3 to 4 weeks delay.
  6. There is no need to change the configuration. The new FCDIM has to reboot first before it adapts itself to the Central Car Configuration of the car. After installing the new FCDIM just lock the car and wait approximately half an hour. After unlocking the car the FCDIM will reboot and afterwards the front parking sensors should be displayed on the FCDIM.
  7. The enormous amount of brake dust has nothing to do with the limited amount of friction to slow the vehicle down. It is (unfortunately) just a characteristic ot the FoMoCo (ATE) brakes that are used by Ford. The ATE brake disc's and brake pads are develop together. These discs do not go very well with many other make and types of brake pads. To solve the enormous amount of brake dust entirely it is recommended to install ceramic brake pads. ATE Ceramic brake pads are a perfect solution. These go very well with the stock FoMoCo (ATE) brake discs and produce a very little amount of brake dust. The only downside of ceramic brake pads is a slightly increased wear of the brake discs. With the standard FoMoCo (ATE) disc brakes I literally had to clean my wheels every week because of the enormous amount of brake dust. After I replaced the brakes with Brembo discs and Textar ceramic pads (front) and ATE ceramic pads (rear) my wheels are no longer covered in brake dust. Even after 6 weeks of not washing the car the wheels are still shiny.
  8. The display illumination is switched by CANbus activity. When the CANbus network is active the display is illuminated. Approximately 20 to 30 minutes after locking the car the traffic on the CANbus databus stops and all CANbus modules enter sleep mode. At this time the illumination of the display is also switched off.
  9. After changing the configuration you have to lock the car and wait approximately half an hour. This way the FCDIM (display) will enter sleep mode. When unlocking the car the FCDIM reboots and will adapt to the configuration changes. If everything is connected and configured correctly the rear view camera should work after a reboot of the FCDIM.
  10. On the Ford MFD system (either Bluetooth Voicecontrol based or SYNC 1.0/1.1 based) the active/dynamic parking lines will only work if an original rear view camera and module are used (on very late MK3 versions and MK3.5 versions the rear view camera module is integrated into the BCM). The rear view camera communicates with the rear view camera module by a LINbus network. The rear view camera module projects the active/dynamic parking line overlay onto the camera image. An aftermarket rear view camera does not have the ability to communicate with the rear view camera module. It is not possible to project the active/dynamic parking lines onto the video image of an aftermarket rear view camera. This is not a problem because most aftermarket rear view cameras have fixed parking lines. When a rear view camera is connected to the Ford MFD system (either a original or aftermarket camera) the rear parking sensors are no longer displayed on the FCDIM (display). Only the front parking sensors are displayed. The rear parking sensors only have the audible warning (beeps). The visual warning is replaced by the camera image.
  11. There are several different types of door modules used on the Focus MK3. Which part number is installed depends on the production date of the car and the options of the car (BLIS, Powerfold mirrors, puddle lights, etc.).
  12. I have seen these exact symptoms several times before on 1.6 Zetec S(E) / Duratec engines that had excessive axial end play of the crankshaft because of a worn crankshaft axial bearing. In sharp corners (roundabout) the crankshaft slides out of reach or in contact with the crankshaft position sensor. If this happens the engine cuts out. You should start checking the axial end play of the crankshaft to rule out a defective crankshaft axial bearing. If the end play is out of tolerance the engine is basically scrap. If the end play is well within tolerance you can proceed further diagnosing the problem.
  13. I have a 2013 125 HP 1.0 ECOboost Hatchback and have also driven 1.0 ECOboost wagons a few times. The performance described by the topicstarter is definitely not normal. The 125 HP version of the 1.0 ECOboost usuallay has more power/torque than specified by Ford. 130+ HP / 200+ Nm of torque is no exception. With these figures the car should perform fine. My car accelerates to 180 KM/H (112 MPH) in 6th gear (fully legal on the German motorway) without any problem. Above this speed the car accelerates considerably slower. The highest speed I drove with this car is 210 KM/H (130 MPH). Regarding the electric coolant pump: Focus MK3 1.0 ECOboost vehicles that are produced before 05-05-2014 do only have the additional electric coolant pump if the car has a factory fitted towbar. In case a towbar is installed afterwards the additional electric coolant pump must also be retrofitted as instructed by Ford. Vehicles produced after 05-05-2014 do have the electric coolant pump as standard. If the car has a towbar (both factory fitted or fitted afterwards) the additional electric coolant pump must also be present. However a lack of knowledge about this subject is a well known reason why people install a towbar afterwards withoud installing the additional electric coolant pump. In this case it is important to check whether the car has the additional electric coolant pump or not.
  14. In this case I suspect that the door module is the cause of the problem. Especially the weird locking behavior strongly suggests that the problem is not caused by the mirror itself. This however can easily be checked by removing the driver side mirror from the car and temporarily connect it to the passenger side mirror connector. If the driver side mirror folds/unfolds correctly when connected to the passenger side door module the problem will be caused by the driver side door module. Early types of MK3 door modules did have some known software glitches. In this case the problem may be solved by just updating the software of the door modules to the latest version. However the costs involved to have the door modules software updated by a Ford dealer will probably be higher than just buying a new door module. A new door module costs approximately 80 Pounds.
  15. The Focus MK2 / MK2.5 with 1.4 / 1.6 Duratec Petrol engine (including the TI-VCT) have a conventional hydraulic power steering system. All other engine types have the EHPAS (Electro Hydraulic Power Assisted System). The fuses are only present/needed on vehicles with EHPAS. Being a conventional hydraulic power steering system the problem will most likely be caused by a defective pump or a defective steering rack (or both). Did you check the fluid level? On the 1.4 / 1.6 Duratec Petrol engines a burst high pressure power steering pipe is a well known problem. A modified pipe assembly is available but quite expensive.