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  1. F5-F6 Maps

    Note that a lot of Ebay sellers sell cheap Chinese copies instead of original SD-cards. 45 Pounds may be cheap for a genuine Ford SD-card but is way to expensive for a Chinese copy. The SYNC 2 SD-cards can easily be copied. except from the license file there is no copy protection. The license file can easily be generated with a key generator (lots of info can be found online about this subject).
  2. PAINTMODZ Shark Fin for Mk3

    If you want a sharfin antenna with decent radio and GPS reception you should buy the original 2015 lincoln MKC / 2015 Ford Edge sharkfin antenna. this sharfin antenna is a direct fit to the Focus MK3/MK3.5. This is a pretty populair mod in the USA. Despite not being particularly cheap this mod is pretty high on my wishlist.
  3. Ford Focus mk4

    Based on the pictures and the info that Ford officially released to the press I am not impressed. At this point I do not feel the need to change my MK3 for the new MK4.
  4. The brake calipers are the same for both the 278 and 300 mm front disc brakes. Basically only the brackets (carriers) and discs are different between 278 mm and 300 mm front disc brakes.
  5. Despite the fact that my car has done less than 30.000 KM I decided to replace the front brakes. The original brakes function adequately but in my opinion lack a bit of bite/power at higher speeds. Next to this the original brakes produce an extreme amount of braking dust. I used to have Brembo brake discs combined with Textar brake pads on my previous Focus MK2. I really liked this setup. A lot more bite/power and a lot less (and easy to remove) braking dust. Last week I bought a set of Brembo replacement brake discs and a set of ceramic Textar Epad brake pads. These brake pads promise to produce about 80% less braking dust than conventional brake pads. If they are half as good as they claim they are I will be satisfied. The biggest improvement is however the size of the brakes. I decided to change the original 278 mm brake setup to the 300 mm brake setup that is used on the more powerful engine types. I bought a complete set of 2016 Kuga 300 mm front brake calipers and caliper brackets. I am going to sandblast and paint all of these part and give the brake calipers a full rebuild (new pistons, seals, rubbers and springs). When finished the front brakes will be completely new. The rear brakes (discs and pads) are most likely going to be changed next Year.
  6. Hi there JW1982, I was reading up on your guide to retrofitting Cruise control and have found it very detailed and helpful, however when I go to start the FOCCUS software a message pops up saying Can't init ELM. I hope that you can help.

  7. in my opinion rejecting the recall is a very bad idea. As already said the recall is performed because of safety reasons and not because of technical reasons. Rejecting a safety recall will definetely void the insurance. In case of an incident that could have been avoided by performing the recall the insurance company will not pay a single penny. If someone gets injured (or worse) because of such a decision you can be hold fully responsible. The degas hose was only a problem on early veicles that had a vulcanised rubber/plastic degas hose. The later (full rubber) design of the degas hose did not have any known problems. The coolant reservoir however is known to develop (micro)cracks as a result of the relative high coolant temperature. As a precaution the reservoir needs to be visually inspected periodically and replaced if (micro)cracks are present. However this does not solve all problems. The 1.0 and 1.6 ECOboost engines have a pretty high coolant and engine temperature. In case of a coolant leak these ECOboost engines will run hot in seconds. When loosing coolant the coolant temperature sensor measures air. Because of this there will not be an engine temperature warning message. In such a situation engine damage (and possibly fire) will occur very fast without a single indication.
  8. 1.6VCT valve backlash adjustment

    During the earlier symptoms of worn TI-VCT actuators there usually are no DTC codes or engine malfunction messages. Early symptoms of worn TI-VCT actuators are usually noisy tappets, slight hesitations under load or a rattle noise after a cold start.
  9. 1.6VCT valve backlash adjustment

    Ford prescribes to check the valve lash every 100.000 Miles /8 Years (whichever comes first) on the Sigma engines. Adjustments only need to be performed if the valve lash is no longer within specifications. My experience is that the valve lash on these engines usually remains within specifications and adjusting the valve lash is usually not needed. Personally I would start with measuring the valve lash. There is a huge chance that the valve lash is still within specifications. Noisy tappets are often caused by worn TI-VCT actuators. The TI-VCT actuators are known to be parts with a limited life expectancy. One of the early symptoms of worn TI-VCT actuators are noisy tappets.
  10. 1.6VCT valve backlash adjustment

    The valve tappets cost approximately €30,- a piece. If you have to replace approximately halve of them it is quite a costly job. When removing the camshaft the TI-VCT actuators also need to be removed. Ford prescribes to replace the camshaft seals also when removing the camshafts. Like all other Ford Sigma engines the TI-VCT has allignment slots in both camshafts. When installing the camshafts they need to be adjusted by installing the correct allignment tool in the allignment slots. Next the TI-VCT actuators can be installed and locked by the correct allignment tool. Considering that the timing belt pulleys are keyless and the TI-VCT system needs to be locked adjusted properly the Sigma TI-VCT engine is not an easy engine to replace the timing belt or adjust the valve clearance.
  11. 1.6VCT valve backlash adjustment

    All valve lash measurements need to be done with the camshafts installed. After all measurements are done you can determine which valves need to be adjusted. To adjust the valve lash the camshafts need to be removed. This engine has fixed tappets without adjustment plates. This means that the complete tappets need to be replaced to adjust the valve lash. After the camshafts are removed the current tappets needs to be measured. The size of the current tappets and the valve lash measurements are needed to calculate the correct sizes of all tappets. Note that these tappets are quite expensive.
  12. If you want the parts you already changed back you have to supply the original parts to Ford. The Ford dealer needs to have all of the old parts because Ford can ask for the old parts. The old design degas hose is useless anyway. This part is no longer used and is superseded by the new hose assembly from the recall kit.
  13. Microphone Cable & Jack

    The original Ford microphone is wired directly to the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol or SYNC (APIM) module. There is no 3,5 mm jack connector. Next to this the original Ford microphone has a completely different impedance than an aftermarket micropone. The original Ford microphone will only work on an aftermarket radio if the particular radio is specifically designed to use the original Ford microphone.
  14. The only reason for the recall of the 1.6 ECOboost is safety. If the engine runs hot as a result of coolant loss the cilinder head can crack. This crack causes the engine oil to leak onto the hot exhaust. This can set the car on fire. There is no technical reason for the recall. The problems with the degas hose on the 1.0 ECOboost were solved a long time ago. Only a limited number of vehicles were affected and these vehicles were recalled. The degas hose problem also applied to early versions (2011/2012) of the 1.6 ECOboost. However Ford never recognised this problem on the 1.6 ECOboost and never recalled the 1.6 ECOboost for the degas hose problem until now. During its live cycle Ford performed many technical changes to the 1.6 ECOboost. For example at some point even the complete cilinder head design was changed. As a result of this there are several different versions of the 1.6 ECOboost. Late versions of the 1.6 ECOboost do already have the latest parts. On these vehicles these particualr parts are not changed during the recall.
  15. Mk3 Gearbox Mount/Torque Restrictor

    The Focus MK3/MK3.5 lower gearbox mounts are known to be quite soft to reduce vibrations. This is a product feature and not a problem. The downside is that the engine can move quite a bit. Changing the gearbox mount for a standard version will probably not solve the problem. If it does solve the problem it will most likely be a temporary fix. A known upgrade of the standard lower gearbox mount is the lower gearbox mount of a Focus Electric. The lower engine mount of a Focus Electric is a lot stiffer compared to the standard lower gearbox mount. However the downside of a stiffer lower gearbox mount is more vibrations.