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  1. On the MK3 the weatherstrips coming loose was basically caused by a composite reinforcement wire that is vulcanised inside the rubber material of the weatherstrips. During the manufacturing proces of the weatherstrips this reinforcement wire is stretched. During time the reinforcement wires shrinks and puts a significant amount of tension on the weatherstrips. This amount of tension causes the weatherstrips to come loose at the ends or in the corners. On the MK3 the solution for this problem is to cut the reinforcement wires at a few particular locations to eliminate the tension on the wire. When cutting the wire you actually hear it snap. After cutting the reinforcement wire the weatherstrips can be glued back into place. Ford prescribes a 2K adhesive for glueing the weatherstrips. Just glueing the weatherstrips back without cutting the reinforcement wire is only a temporary solution. This usually causes the weatherstrip to come loose at a different location. On the MK3 this problem was solved Years ago by changing the manufacturing process. I would not be surprised if the MK4 weatherstrips suffer from the exact same problem. The build quality of most Ford models these days seems to be worse than it was approximately 10 Years ago. Reducing costs seems to be more important than build quality.
  2. Based on the pictures this looks like the 5-speed Ford IB5 transmission on a 100 HP 1.0 ECOboost. The plug you removed is not the drain plug. This plug covers a hinge pin of the shifter mechanism. Most versions of the IB5 gearbox did not have a drain plug at all. To drain these gearboxes the output shaft needs to be removed from the gaerbox. Late versions of the IB5 gearbox did have a drain plug. Both the filler/level plug and drain plug (if present) are located behind the black plastic cover at the front of the gearbox. The oil level is supposed to be 5 to 10 mm below the filler/level plug.
  3. There are several sellers on Ebay, Amazon and AliExpress that sell 4" (SYNC 1) to 8" SYNC 2 / SYNC 3) adapter wiring harnesses. For example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/4-TO-8-PNP-Conversion-Power-Harness-for-Ford-SYNC-1-SYNC-2-to-SYNC-3-Upgrade-/293140093432 https://nl.aliexpress.com/i/4000993774767.html?ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_0,searchweb201603_0,ppcSwitch_0&algo_pvid=da264561-0b11-4835-b963-be6a43a26946&algo_expid=da264561-0b11-4835-b963-be6a43a26946-16 https://www.amazon.com/Bestycar-Conversion-Harness-Explorer-Interface/dp/B082W4L2NL
  4. The picture of the SYNC 2 system only shows the center console wiring harness. All of the other required wiring seems to be missing. The SYNC 2 system has completely different wiring than your car. You either have to replace the complete dashboard wiring harness or buy/build yourself a custom made (aftermarket) adapter wiring harness. Apart from this the SYNC 2 system uses the GPSM module for GPS reception. Vehicles without SYNC 2 do only have a GPSM module if they are equipped with Emergency Assistance.
  5. A 2007 C-max is too old. Ford did not store any module information for this vehicle. Ford started storing vehicle hardware/software information in approximately 2011.
  6. Despite being driven by the aux belt the waterpump is installed behind the tensioner of the timing belt. In order to be able to remove the waterpump the timing belt tensioner needs to be removed first. Another point of concern is that it is very hard to prevent coolant from leaking onto the timing belt during replacement of the waterpump. Ford prescribes to replace the timing belt after it has been in contact with coolant. Replacing the waterpump while replacing the timing belt is not really needed on this type of engine but it is considered to be good practise because it is relatively easy/cheap to replace the waterpump once the timing belt is removed and can prevent a lot of work/money in the future.
  7. You can send me your VIN number in a personal message. Based on the VIN number I can determine which PCM part number was originally installed and which software version was installed.
  8. Based on this information it is impossible to tell whether the car is remapped or not. The only way to determine whether the car is remapped or not using the ELMconfig program is by reading the PCM software and performing a byte by byte comparison to the original software file. If the car is remapped the remap will be based on a very old version of the original software.
  9. You should check for poor electrical connections between the 12-Volt power socket and the 12-Volt --> USB adapter. A poor electrical connection will affect the current flow. Without sufficient current the phone will simply not charge correctly. USB connections on most audio systems only support a maximum current of 500 mA. These USB connections are designed for data and not for charging. Most modern phones require a power supply of 1000 mA (1 A) or more.
  10. You currently have a SYNC 1.1 based audio system. The 2015 8-Inch SatNav system is SYNC 2 based. The wiring between the SYNC 1.1 and SYNC 2 system is completely different. You either have to buy or build an adapter wiring harness or replace the complete dashboard wiring harness. The SYNC 2 system uses the GPSM module for GPS reception. SYNC 1.1 vehicles are only equipped with a GPSM module if the car has Emergency Assistance
  11. The original FoMoCo (Ford Motor Company) brake pads are produced by ATE. The type of ATE brake pads that are factory fitted from the Focus MK3 onward are infamous because of the horrendous amount of brake dust they produce. Because of the horrendous amount of brake dust I decided to replace all brake pads a few Years ago at less than 15.000 Miles. I installed ceramic brake pads (Textar Epad at the front and ATE ceramic at the back). This resulted in approximately 90% less brake dust. With the original brake pads I literally had to clean my wheels every week to prevent excessive brake dust buildding up on the wheels. Now my wheels are still perfectly clean after approximately 2 Months. Another major advantage of the ceramic brake pads is that cleaning the wheels is a lot easier.
  12. When using the NonCom procedure (ignition switched OFF) the Ford IDS system is not able to identify the vehicle. By entering the PCM part number or tear tag number the Ford IDS system is able to identify the vehicle. This procedure is alos used when the PCM is defective or not accesible for whatever reason. A 2005 Focus MK2 with the 2.0 Duratec HE engine should have a Visteon ESU-121 PCM. The part number and tear tag number are printed on a sticker on the PCM. The picture above for example shows an ESU-121 PCM with part number 3M51-12A650-GD and tear tag number 4ARD. Both your car and the donor car (with A/C) must have the excact same PCM part number/tear tag number. Another possibility to obtain the PCM part number is by diagnosing the PCM using a suitible diagnostic system that shows part and software version numbers. For example the ELMconfig program or Forscan program and an ELM327 interface.
  13. The FoCCCus software is designed for the Focus Mk3 only. It will not work on a Focus MK2/MK2.5. The following procedure should work: Using Ford IDS NonCom procedure: * Find yourself a VIN number of a vehicle of the same production Month, same engine and same options as your car but with A/C. * Turn the ignition OFF and try to communicate with the car. * The IDS software can (obviously) not connect and will ask you to swith the ignition to ON. Proceed with the ignition OFF (very important). * After a few attempts the IDS software will offer to enter a PCM part number or PCM Tear Tag number. Enter the correct number and proceed. * Go to the PCM replacement function. Proceed with the ignition OFF (very important). * In case the IDS software asks iwhether the old PCM is available choose NO. * The IDS software will ask to enter a VIN number. Enter the VIN number of the vehicle with A/C. * The IDS software will download the PCM configuration settings from the Ford servers. Before the programs starts programming the PCM the ignition must be switched ON. This way the IDS software will reprogram the PCM with the configuration setting of a car with A/C.
  14. A spark plug gap of 1.0 mm is not correct for this type of engine. The correct spark plug gap for all engines of the Sigma family (1.25/1.4/1.6 Zetec and Duratec) is 1.2 mm. About 15 Years ago the 1.0 mm spark plug gap was prescribed by Ford for a very short time as an attempt to solve the high coil pack failure rate. Once this problem turned out to be caused by bad coil pack production badges the quality of the coil packs was improved and the prescribed spark plug gap was changed back to 1.3 mm. A few years ago the prescribed spark plug gap was changed to 1.2 mm which it currently still is. The (15 Year) old TSB's about this subject that described the recommended 1.0 mm spark plug gap are no longer valid. I always used the prescribed spark plug gap of 1.3 mm and later 1.2 mm on many of these engines without any problems. A bigger spark plug gap results in a fatter spark which ignites the fuel/air mixture more easily. High performance applications usually have bigger spark plug gaps. On the other hand a bigger spark plug gap also requires more energy and puts more stress on the coil pack. The prescribed spark plug gap is usually a compromise between performance and reliability.
  15. Hi

    Recently I've change my blouetooth module from 7S7T-19G488 to 8M5T-19C112-BK only to find out there's no audio coming from the speakers while playing from USB or once on the phone via Bluetooth. I've ccame across one post where you mentioned about rewireing to make it work. Any chance you know how to do it or who could help with that. Car is fitted  with Blaupunkt NX, the 8 wire jumper code is 6G9T-19A391

    I'll be really gratefull for any help